Jenny and Miss Eleanor

31 Mar

F/f; time: 26 minutes

A surprisingly effective spanking film, the origin of which we must determine. It must be 30 or 40 years old at this writing. The scene is just a simple office setup, but it looks like  a real one, not props.

School administrator ‘Miss Eleanor’ receives a phone call. One of her best students, ‘Jenny,’ was seen at a sex club, behaving in a way not in keeping with the college reputation. Jenny is summoned and her excuses are lame. “What do you do down at the club?” “But it’s boring around here.”

“Once more like this and you are out…now I’m going to spank you..I’d like you to start by stripping…then I have a spanking chair.” Jenny takes her clothes off, slowly and awkwardly. In the style of NUWEST, she is wearing conventional layered daily clothing, and she seems to have been unprepared for this. The casual informality, either clunky cinematics or intentional, adds to the tension.

Jenny, naked, bends over the “chair,” which turns out to be a simple folding chair. We expected a trestle to be rolled out. Miss Eleanor is almost licking her lips with pleasure at having one of her pet students about to be naked in front of her. “You’re really cold. Your nipples are standing up.”

Eleanor addresses her panties, the last item, and pulls them down slowly, fondling and enjoying Jenny’s bottom. A silly handspanking commences, left-handed. It is mostly fondling, and Jenny does not miss the point. She smiles. A long, mild, closeup handspanking.

When Jenny dresses, she allows as leisurely view of a largely untouched pubic area. The women communicate that this may continue.

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