Gemini and Gia – CALSTAR

4 Apr

F/f; time: 50 minutes

An American film, and therefore we are on our guard. ‘Mistress Gemini’ plays a madam who is interviewing submissives for her brothel. ‘Gia,’ a soft looking and slightly shy blonde, is applying for a job. Of course there is only one way to ensure she can do the work.

“Our clients have a predilection for a nice soft round bottom on their laps, to spank them and spank them very hard.” Gia admits her boyfriend has spanked her but she doesn’t sound too sure of herself.

“I’m going to test your tolerance.” The set is a combination bedroom and office, with the all-purpose klunky furniture we have seen in this American series. Gemini takes Gia OTK. “I can’t wait to see how much you can handle.” We’d have to admit, with this buildup, we are interested also.

Gemini has Gia put on a schoolgirl outfit. “Our clients like it.” Gia strips naked, making sure her well-auditioned bottom is central. Gemini returns with a frightening armful of spanking implements. OTK again, white cotton school knickers down, handspanking, strap. Bend over a chair for a short razor strop; kneel on the chair for a floppy paddle.

It is long spanking, various positions, a legitimate test. Gia lies face down on a bed, kilt up, knickers down, rarely considered the best of spanking postures. Gemini handspanks her and uses another strap, moving from one side of the bed to the other to alternate the inevitable attention to the far buttock. Then a school ruler.

Out comes a big cane, skirt off, bend-over, grab ankles. Gia counts strokes backward from 10. It is a good spanking workout; Gia will do fine. We are surprised by a decent American film. Gia dresses, keeping her red bottom toward us.

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