More Positions of Punishment – NUWEST NWV-151

5 Apr

M/2f; time:44 minutes

There are at least two other films, simple ‘documentaries’ from Ed Lee on how to conduct spankings. Fascinating in their almost naïve format, because almost everything CP pornographic was happening here at NU-WEST.

Lee addresses the camera. He will illustrate the use of the piano bench, just the right height and it has a little compartment under the seat to “hold your equipment.”


The first girl walks on the set. It is the estimable blonde ‘Kyrie Kelly,’ one of the early CP film stars for several producers, and setting this film in the early 1980’s. She removes her robe and is stark naked. No preliminaries. Lee helps her into the diaper position on the bench–it is just big enough to hold her upper frame. Very revealing for Ms. Kelly with her legs up, showing more than she probably preferred at this point in her career. Just a touch of spanking then she runs off, displaying a full thatch of pubic hair.


A second girl comes out and hands over her robe. She has boobs which in this era would have been called ‘headlights.’ She gets onto the bench and Lee holds her legs up. Very voyeur.


Kyrie returns, still naked, and demonstrates kneeling on the small bench, head down, bottom up. Overhead and rear shots of Kyrie, worthy of saving as a screen shot for her. Lee likes this posture, “when your wife gets out of line.” The little blonde duplicates the position.


Kyrie will now kneel on the floor and bend across the bench. Lee leaves the set to “call my mother and see how she is.” Kyrie laughs. The second girl comes back for bench time–some spectacular bodies here, not a speck of clothing, and bare feet.


After the bench scene with the two girls, Lee inserts a  segment he calls ‘Voluntary Erotic Spanking.’ A brunette walks on the set. It is the adult actress ‘Simon Devon.’ They shake hands. Lee: “Happy to be able to spank you.”  Devon laughs at the corny line. Lee takes her OTK and spanks her on pantyhose. His first smack elicits a gasp. Good overhead shots.

Lee concludes his ‘training film’ with 8 scenes of normally-dressed or absolutely naked girls positioning themselves for spankings– bend-overs, bend over chairs, face down on beds, over desks, all domestic scenes one could imagine talking a lady into. No particularly commercial pornographic scenes or fetishistic stuff, just hot personal spanking settings. (We did not recognize any of the NW regulars here.)

“The End” superimposed over another beautiful bottom.

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