Motel Appointments – REDBOBVIDEO

5 Apr

We have reviewed a few films in this series, enough to satisfy us and hopefully a reader or two. This producer used the roadside motel, the type whose doors open onto an outside walkway, to communicate the feel of porn films in hotel rooms. Vintage-oriented as we are, we loved NUWEST’s use of this theme, where El Lee drove his models to a motel room, where a promised spanking was delivered in harsh temporary lighting.

These films involve simple modeling sessions, impatient and annoyed pretty girls, and spankings.

‘Alex, room #129′(M/f; time: 14 minutes) Alexis, a lingerie model with some sleazy aspects, knocks on the door of Room #129, facing the motel parking lot.

The films will be done POV style, the unseen male or female behind the camera or out of sight. He calls for Alex to enter. “Is this where we are shooting?” It is the cheapest of motel rooms,  from another era. We can’t tell if this amateur-like producer intended this harshly lit prototype  scene or if this was the budget. He did depict this type of porn filming.

Alex will be showing her lingerie line and changes in the bathroom. She is angry and begins to argue about the repetitive and unflattering poses he requires. He grabs her and takes her OTK, not much a struggle. He flips up the little lingerie piece to exposed a tan bottom and just a G-string. Another girl outside the room is shown listening at the door, understanding and amused by the sounds. Is she part of the procurement process?

Alex sits on the guy’s knee while he pulls off the knit top. The spanking continues, she’s just in the G-string. The guy is having his fun–the camera closeups, bottom and facial,  are surprisingly good. G-string comes down, just for the  humiliation. After more spanking (and the eavesdropper listening), he pulls up the G-string for her and she is finished.

‘Alex’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Another model identified as Alex, this girl the most telegenic of the bunch, a fact recognized by the cameraman. ‘Becky’  arrives at the motel room, and she too is disgusted by the setup. “This freakin’ place’ disturbs her, but she is so pretty to look at she can’t convince you of her emotion.

She goes to the phone and calls her agent to complain, but she is convinced to complete this one last job. Like the other girls, she steps into the alcove bathroom and returns in the lingerie she is to model. She lets her brunette hair down and begins to argue with the faceless photographer.

And of course this means a spanking. The photographer grabs her by the ear and takes her OTK. It is silly but erotic, because she is a package. The photographer gets the hem of her gown up–she is not wearing panties. (Another shot of a girl outside listening amused at the door.)

The photographer manages to wrestle off the net lingerie. She is naked, kicking in just stockings and white heels. Her screaming adds. As she collapses and recovers, we get full views.

‘Chanta Rose Rm #130” (M/f; time: 23 minutes) Another excellent portrayal of the gullible girl lured. Long dark blond-haired Australian Chanta Rose calls at room #130 for a modelling assignment and is immediately alarmed by the sleazy setup. Disgusted: “Where do I get changed?”

For the first video, she narrates a description of a little two-piece negligee she fills very nicely. She becomes impatient. “I’m really surprised I’m wearing such beautiful lingerie in such scummy surroundings.”

The guy  actually convinces her to lie over his lap so we can film her bottom in the skimpy thong. “An original pose, as in no budget,” she says. But it must be in the water in Australia, because she goes ahead and does it.  She begins to wonder when he fondles her. “What do you think you are doing?”

She needs an “an attitude adjustment” and he begins spanking. Her squawks are modest. About this time, a girl has stopped to eavesdrop at the door. She will listen the rest of the way, amused, titillated, and shocked. Chanta calls the photographer a “dirty old pervert.” But he’s clever.

Chanta becomes concerned about what her bottom is going to look like for a conventional job tomorrow. During this long spanking, her bra falls off, very nice. She lets it go. She wants him to calm down-she is on his lap and might have detected something.

He takes down her thong. “No! That wasn’t in the contract!” It is a long naked spanking under harsh studio lights. She begs, “What do I have to do?”  This is never pursued.

She collapses to the floor and crawls to the corner naked, flashing a a shaved front. The guy pours himself a beer in his “Red Ass Ale” glass, gives her a bit more spanking, then a $20 bill floats to her red bottom.

“Gia’ (M/f; time:18 minutes) A frizzy blonde is posing in various lingerie outfits and stripping down in a continuation of the motel theme. There is a bit more sex offered here. Gia offers the male photographer a lap dance, which seems to have been part of the deal.

“I think I have had enough. Could I have my money now?” The guy grabs her OTK and pulls down the tiny G-string, the only remaining garment. The following spanking is long and entertaining. And Gia must have been somewhat successful, because the guy seems to throw more money at her than the other girls.

‘Heaven’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) A very pretty blonde reports to Room #130 for her photo sesssion. She wears a backpack, which must be filled with the lingerie she will be wearing for the photo shoot.

Wearing a slip, she soon is doing a striptease and gets naked. Other shots in more lingerie. She angers the sleazy photographer, which is the point of these motel films. He begins spanking her OTK, slip up. There is a G-string, which will survive for just a while. As in other parts of these series, we see ablonde eavesdropping at the door, enjoying the sounds of the spanking struggle. An agent enticing these girls?

The guy probes and gropes Heaven. There is a faux struggle, cute kicking Down comes the G-string Mascara runs. Boobs pop out of the slip. The guy pulls Heaven’s slip down, over her hips and off her legs. Very nice. She falls onto the floor, shaking from this spanking, hard to fake. The guy throws money on her and orders her out.

‘Julie Robbins’ (M/f; time: 21 minutes) Another lingerie shoot is underway. Julie also has had enough and tries to leave. The female photographer calls her agent. Julie: “If you want the best, you have to pay for the best.” Julie objects to being called a porn star–but, but, she is mostly naked in a hotel room for cameras.

The boss has been called and arrives and grabs her. “Hey, you can’t take my pants down.” The usual OTK spanking, bottom mostly bare. The girls in this series are top-notch. As usual, the guy likes to play with her bottom as she spanks. The female photographer is watching, quite amused as Julie becomes naked.

She must have protested and begged enough that the guy allows her to fall on her knees and begin a blowjob. We don’t see much; the disgusted female observer leaves, but listens at the door. Maybe she heard an orgasm, because she returns with a paddle for the guy to continue the spanking.

‘Kimberly’ (MF/f; time: 18 minutes) It’s a rainy day at the motel with the ‘God Bless America’ reader board. Pretty thin blonde Kimberly is in the middle of a ‘fashion’ shoot, the female photographer here. Kimberly has the same attitude for this sleaze–the surroundings are amateur and the money is uncertain.

Kimberly refuses to continue, so the photographer calls her agent. She must hear what she wants, because, with a smile on her face, they wait for her male partner to be notified and to arrive.

The guy arrives. Kimberly: “I want what is coming to me.” Poor choice of words. “You’re going to get it,” says the confident guy and takes Kimberly OTK by the ear. The woman photographer takes a seat to enjoy the action. A long standard spanking, Kimberly’s clothes gradually come off. The guy pinches and pries at her buttocks.

Near the conclusion, Kimberly moves around the room naked, to the amusement of the man and woman. This cameo-like scene excels. A bit more spanking before she can dress and leave.

‘Madyson Knight’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) Not a motel room this time, but a seedy back-room space somewhere. Auburn-haired ‘Madyson’ knocks cautiously. “Is this RedBobVideo?” She is late, and the first things she does is hand over toll receipts for reimbursement, which sets the tone.

Cut–very quickly she is modelling bra/panty sets. And she teases down her top for the guy. (A dog walks calmly through the shot.) She’s got an attitude of course, so the spanking begins. Long handspanking and paddling. Soon she is naked. POV style

‘Maklaryn’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) A buxom blonde knocks on the door of room #130. When  she is admitted, like the other girls, she is distressed by the cheap setup and preparation. She puts on sleazy lingerie and starts her posing for the male photographer.

Maklaryn becomes annoyed after three outfits are modeled. The guy hands her a banana. “What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?” We’re guessing she knows. She begins eating the banana in the porn film manner.

But she still argues and is taken OTK by the ear. And again, another girl is seen outside the room eavesdropping on the commotion. We aren’t fussy, but the listener is shown at room #225. Maybe there are spankings elsewhere. We think of the humorous ‘Hotel Derriere’ films from the early British ‘Harrison Marks’  era.

Maklaryn loses her thong and bra during a long 10 minute spanking. She gets a few greenbacks and is allowed to leave.

‘Room 136’ (M/f; time: 26 minutes) A long film for this series. A pretty blonde knocks at #136 at this motel. “RedBobVideo?” She sees the sleazy setup in the room and is immediately unhappy.

Cut: she begins modeling lingerie. She starts cursing the faceless photographer. “This is a shit job.” After he has had enough of this attitude, the photographer grabs the girl and begins a long OTK spanking which will take up most of this long film.

He grabs and pinches at her bottom. Steady cursing. “You fucking pervert.” He gradually gets her lingerie outfit off, “unwrapping the package.” She is finally naked, but not much elsehas happened. She will be calling her agent.

‘Summer. Room #231’ (M/f; time: 26 minutes) A model returns to the model for another appointment. Graphics tell us she was ‘naughty’ and spanked on a previous occasion. Unusually good staging of her walking up the stairs and across the walkway to the room.

Summer enters and begins modeling, a sort of porno shoot. She licks a banana then does a nude bathtub routine. The guy leaves he4 and drives off  for some reason—we don’t follow the storylines in this series. He returns and the spanking begins.

A long OTK scene in the bright lights of the motel room set. Handspanking and a small paddle. Summer loses her top and boy short panties in the process. Some bruises and welts suggest this was a good spanking.

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