Nine to Five – NUWEST

5 Apr

6F/m; time: 21 minutes

We’re not sure of this NUWEST title, which mimicks the storyline of the 1980 film ‘Nine to Five,’ where Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, and Dolly Parton kidnap and imprison their abusive boss and run his company as it should be run. The kidnapped male boss in this NUWEST version has a rather rougher time of it  that Dabney Coleman did in the Hollywood film.

The film opens with a completely naked and faceless  ‘Jack’ tied over a tilted trestle. A statuesque Vegas brunette circles him with a flogger. She has been hired by his company to exact revenge for the women he has abused–some sexually. She had him kidnapped and someone surely helped her get him jaybird into this posture. “You are helpless and vulnerable.” And then some, we’d say.

The first employee, “Karen,’ walks on stage and takes a seat at his head, to enjoy his punishment close up. The domme begins the flogging, to spectator Karen’s amusement. The scene is the sparse NUWEST sound stage, with a few chairs, a rug, and a potted plant.

NUWEST model ‘Amy’ is next to observe–she takes the head seat. Karen moves to the wall. Amy is invited to tour and inspect her boss’s butt close up. She also is amused.

‘Jill’ is next. The domme demands: “You will say ‘ma’am.'” Jack is in not position to argue, and this ordeal is only half-done. Karen takes over the flogging and two more girls join the fun.

In a film cut, one of the new girls has put on a strap-on dildo. In this era, NUWEST often edited film to eliminate the logistics of costume changes. Jack must lube the dildo with saliva. He is lucky–this is the moderate version of the NUWEST devices. The girl begins to fuck him–we don’t see much and can be suspicious, but it’s fun. The girls cheer and the trestle rocks and squeaks. Flogging and reaming to a conclusion.

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