Spanked at School – REDSTRIPE

5 Apr

M/f; time: 24 minutes

We’re certain this is not the title and we’re guessing on the REDSTRIPE identity. Will correct when we know. A loyal Constant Reader advises us this  may be part of TOPMARKS’  ‘The Headmaster, Policewoman, and Schoolgirls.’

The experienced, round-bottomed blonde ‘Sam Johnson’ plays ‘WPC Johnson,’ some sort of school security guard. She is accused by a teacher of being a fraud. She wears the sexy WP uniform. The teacher is going to “thrash” her like what happens to all the girls she puts on report.

The teacher takes her OTK and begins spanking Sam on her uniform skirt with one of those little hardwood paddles cut in the size of a sole. Always thought it was a stinger. Skirt off, spanking continues. Handspanking and a strap.

Sam stands and removes her panties for more. The teacher is getting warmed up, so to speak, and takes off his academic robe. Bare bottom over the desk. A larger tawse, a thin strap, the sole paddle again.

The cane next; about 20 strokes are shown in all, several positions, not hard. The clever teacher arranges that these appointments will be weekly for a while.

2 Responses to “Spanked at School – REDSTRIPE”

  1. Jenkinson September 9, 2019 at 9:31 am #

    This is in fact the second half of “The Headmaster, the Policewoman, and the Skoolgirlz”, made by Top Marks in 2003. I’ve never seen the film (to my regret), but it is described and illustrated in “Kane” 93. In the first half, the WPC and the Head punish the ‘skoolgirlz’, played by Lucy McLean and Monica.

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