6 Apr

M/f; time: 38 minutes

A surprising British film which rolls up many of the uniquely English vices–schoolgirls, ageplay, and clearly illicit sexually-oriented spankings between two naughty people.

Elly gambols around the lawn of her school, skipping class–she is a tall brunette and as an actress, a rather aging schoolgirl in full uniform. She picks some daffodils and begins annoying the head gardener as he works in a greenhouse (empty. Is he just waiting for an errant schoolgirl?) Well, he knows a few things about Elly, and here comes his chance.

He reminds Elly she is now the “Ex head girl.” He was outside the window last week when the headmaster demoted her then spanked her. The gardener coaxes Elly to bend over, knowing he can keep going. He begins a sort of probing spanking, to ascertain just how resistant she is going to be. Not very.

“The headmaster is not the only one with the hard hand.” Skirt up, zoom on full white panties. She must love the calluses on his hands. Another thing he knows: “We have your father’s permission..knickers off..right off, get over!” Elly’s relectance is play. Nice rear shot of her bottom in the cloudy, overcast, slightly dreary very British exterior greenhouse. Pinkish rouge cheeks.

This British film has an amateur scope, but the production, acting, and storyline seem professional. We may learn more. Elly the schoolgirl frankly looks 35 (no offense, she is adventurous in this film),  comes to a kitchen where the ageplay head gardener is sitting with coffee and newspaper. The story continues.

She has returned to the scene, having  been spanked by him this morning in the greenhouse. She is quite willing to drop her panties to show him that her bottom is still red. He is only too glad to take a close look. Elly must be 6″ taller than the gardener. He will continue the spanking and shows her the paddle he has with him in the kitchen. She tries it on the palm of his hand. It is one of those double-faced flappers, makes more noise, and hits a little harder.

Elly goes OTK  and her spanking continues. She stands to unfasten her kilt, more paddling, pussy shots, she kneels on a chair. She is as amused as he is probably horny. Then, slowly, tie, blouse, bra off until she is naked. The guy keeps paddling her in various postures until she is apple-red.

The spanking (for now) is over. She stands buck naked in front of him, hands on head. The gardener seems almost ready to give her a good frig. She asks him if he enjoys spanking girls. “So  did you enjoy this morning?” She admits that she has been excited by all this too. “Are you..uh..going to be down here again?” “I’m always down here.” With a smile, to the sounds of baroque music on the soundtrack, “Please, let’s do it again tomorrow.”

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