Sting Operation 2 – SHADOWLANE

6 Apr

M/f; year: 2007; time: 27 minutes

The  pert, round-bottomed, frisky actress ‘Samantha Woodley’ continues in part 2 of this film. A professor has run a sting operation to see who is lifting term papers off the Internet, and it is her bottom which is now caught in his net. We very sure that this professor (‘Lance DeToro’) was quite pleased to see that it was Ms. Woodley he caught.

This film begins with excerpts of five other films Samantha made at SHADOWLANE.

Like a good girl, ‘Maryanne’ is immediately begging that there must be another way to solve this. The professor, does have an idea, “but it won’t come cheap.” Samantha is always cute acting shocked or surprised. She will take a spanking, but it won’t come easy.

She is wearing a medium-length full summer dress, very conventional stuff. She and the professor will tussle in various postures on a couch. He will get at her black panties and get them off. A paddle appears. Ms. Woodley is one of the more entertaining actresses in these gambits. The spanking is moderate; there  is no other nudity than her notable bottom.

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