Rough Sex #6 – NETTLES

12 Apr

M/f; time: 26 minutes

Subtitled ‘Omon Action.’ We are knocking off a few more of these Russian films and moving on. In this instance, the setting and furniture can be found in any number of ‘Discipline in Russia’  or ‘Russian Slaves’ films.

‘Gerry Geroshvilli’ in his Omon police role. He picks a pretty prostitute off the street and brings her back to the ‘ballroom’ set we recognize. He is more aggressive in these films. He begins to rough her up and gets her clothes off. He puts a dog collar and leash on her and flogs her as she crawls around.

There’s the platform with the letter ‘H’ structure in the middle. She is forced down on it and frigged very hard. After a cut, she has been to the vertical frame into the diaper position, ankles and wrists fastened. He gives her a mild bastinado with a crop. And while he is at it, and she is exposed, he crops her thighs and pussy.

In this posture, he inserts a candle in her anus.

Gerry unties her and she kneels on all-fours. More torment. We  expected him to drop his pants but not here

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