Spank Me Please Pt 1,3 – ENGLISHSPANKERS

12 Apr

M/f; time: 29  minutes

‘Agean’ and a dark complected brunette who reminds us of the actress ‘Cher.’ The girl admits to Agean that she has spent her household allowance from shopping sprees. And not only that, she has broken his favorite vase. She is quick to agree that a spanking will do her a lot of good.

She bends over the kitchen counter to start. Her very short cut-off jeans don’t help her much. OTK on a kitchen chair. She peels down her jeans–that is the only way they are coming off. Just a little black thong now. More spanking; overhead views. She stands rubs. Graphic: “The punishment continues”

Part 3: “And now for the final part of your punishment.”  Agean will start with cane palm slaps. You can see the schoolgirl knows what is coming. It takes her a bit to get in position. She twists and surges at each stroke.

Time for the conventional caning. She is probably glad. The schoolgirl kneels on a small trunk. Caning first on regulation knickers, then on the bare. The caning is concluded in the bend-over position.

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