Spanking Therapy – CALSTAR

12 Apr

M/2f; time: 60 minutes

Not the title, but good enough for this American  production, on the too-easy formula of girls visiting sex therapists to learn the efficacies of being spanked. Sets up serial spanking scenes with no creativity needed.

The first visitor to a male therapist is a pretty brunette  who can’t entice her boyfriend to spank her. So she pays the therapist to get her off. The guy has his little fetish streak. He hands her a schoolgirl uniform, “Go ahead and get changed.” It is a blouse, kilt, tie, and of course white panties.

The scene is simply two desks pushed together. The doctor doesn’t have any sort of medical setup, which would have added immensely to the eroticism. He starts her OTK, panties down. Next, she bends over a desk and he gets his implements out of a drawer. He spanks her with various implements in several positions, nothing new to report.

The guy does like his naked girls though. Fondling, full puss views, he gets her into the diaper position and canes her bottom and her thighs, almost down to her knees. The girl got what she came for-she packs and leaves.

An auburn-haired girl pulls up in her car and very tentatively enters the office. It always add to things when a girl is slightly reluctant. She sits at the desk opposite the therapist. This is a more challenging assignment. Her boyfriend “wants to spank me and do all these things, and I don’t know how I feel about it.” Now here is a girl who is actually asking to have her nerve endings tuned up.

The therapist looks her over, pulls up her skirt to expose a tiny thong and a large dragon tattoo on her right buttock. He begins the standard OTK spanking;  she is soon over the desk, her thong comes off and some her bra and blouse. Just a skirt rucked up. Strap, paddle, diaper position for the cane, also attention to her thighs.

When she is finished, the therapist gives her a “spanking instruction book,” which looked to us like an early JANUS in the small size.

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