Teacher and Redhead – PACIFICFORCE

12 Apr

M/f; time: 25 minutes

A cute redhead is begging  a professor–one of the smarmy PACIFICFORCE guys who hasn’t exactly charmed our socks off with his performances, for a better grade. She is very insistent. “Isn’t there anything I can do?” She teases seductively.

The professor demurs, but not for long. “I will change your grade if you do things my way.” What he will do–he will quiz her again, orally, now, here, and he will paddle her for errors. But first, he will warm up that bottom.

OTK she goes, her little skirt gets out of the way by itself. White trimmed panties. He takes her panties down; the girl keeps her long red hair off her face. She has a big and perfect CP video bottom. She wiggles.

The professor has her take off her dress. Hands-on-head in just bra,  very nice. Bend-over a chair for a handspanking, naked.

Now it’s time for the paddle-quiz, not that it matters any more. The professor takes out a paddle which is essentially a cricket bat, but lighter and thinner. Silly questions, silly swats, the way PF does it. Very corny. She will be left naked in his office for a while.


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