18 Apr

MF/f; year: 2003; time: 46 minutes

Another amazing girl sits on the couch for interview. Jenni is a sophisticated blonde college girl from Charlotte, NC,  21 years old, 5’7″ tall, a little embarrassed about weighing 110 pounds. “Where did you find her?” Joe asks. She is confident in calling herself a “bi-girl” and quite OK with the spanking part of this filming.

Jenni stands and pulls her dress up slowly for the boys, displaying her back lace panty/thong. Joe loves it, and they chat about whether she might be a natural blonde.  Joe says he will find out about her hair. Joe helps her to unzip her dress. At first she covers, then displays beautiful boobs. The boys approve. “Do you work out?”

Joe teases down Jenni’s thong. She is shaved. He begins the spanking. Female blonde  model/performer ‘Taylor’ arrives on the set, and joins the two on the couch. While Joe and naked Jenni kiss, Taylor begins a blowjob on Joe.

Joe gives Jenni his oral treatment and strips for the main event. It is an excellent scene. Missionary, doggy, and Jenni rides cowboy, front and back. Back to the missionary position for a furious conclusion. The condom has disappeared; Joe gasps he’s cumming, and we have the full money shot on her stomach. She loves it. Taylor has been watching from behind the cameras, quite amused herself.

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