18 Apr

M/f; time: 45 minutes

These films are mostly all in the same format–a very pretty girl is interviewed by ‘Joe’ and the director POV style; we hear her biography and experience with spanking; she undresses; Joe spanks and fondles her; and the last part of the film is a conventional pornographic sex scene. The acting is perfect, the production is top-notch, and the girls are breathtaking.

‘Leah Marie’ is a 21 year old brown/auburn haired stunner from Oregon, only 5′ tall, without heels. Joe likes small girls and explains that “we brought her in because she needs to be spanked.” Leah frowns at this. The boys ask her what her occupation is. “I do porn, but not like this.” She is by-sexual.

Leah pulls up her dress to display a white thong. Joe smacks her mostly bare bottom for a “mike test.” Leah drops her thong.

The OTK spanking begins. Leah does not much like the spanking and thinks it hurts after the first two or three smacks. She is eager to move on to the sex part she was told about. They chat freely as the spanking progresses. Joe begins to spank harder and Leah begins to scream.

Joe begins to probe between her buttocks and thighs. Good thing Leah has porn acting experience. She mutters that Joe is an “asshole,” some theater talk to inflame action. Joe services her orally, front and back, which she is very much into.

Now it is Joe’s turn. Leah pulls his pants down and gives him head, very skillfully. The fucking begins–Leah puts a condom on him, as is done in this series. Nice vigorous scene, including anal, and concluded with the money shot.

As they wrap up, Leah says: “Spanking is more painful. I’d rather take it up the ass.”  Not a shy lady.

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