Military Discipline – Belinda Lawson and Earl Grey – FIRMHAND

27 Apr

These two principals again. Ms. Lawson has to have been one of FIRMHAND’s favorite bottoms-in addition to her spectacular tush, she can act and smolder; and she is surely willing. These films are rather recent, as we write in 2017. They may be a bit repetitive.

‘Military Discipline’

‘CA’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Belinda reports to Colonel Earl Grey in her naval uniform. He accuses her of participating in some sort of fraud in her department. From the look on her face, and given her proclivity to enjoy spankings, she looks like she will accept her fate. Grey will give her “a series of exercises over the next few weeks.” Belinda wants to know what kind of “exercises.” “Corporal punishment.” “You are not proposing to spank me? I’m an officer….you’d better do your best.”

OTK, skirt up, white panties down. Mild protest from her. Standard spanking, facials. To solidify this naughty little charade these two play with each other, Grey asks Belinda to bend over in front of him so he can inspect. “Are you satisfied with your handiwork, Colonel Grey?”

‘CB’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Belinda’s ‘exercises’ continue. This segment finds her already bent over in the classroom set, no panties. Grey arrives. “You are being disrespectful. We will start over….jacket off, hands on your head, bend over, bottom out!”

Grey begins handspanking her in this standing position. Lawson goads him. “…If that’s the best we can do, sir..” Grey takes the bait and goes to work with the slipper. Despite her discomfort, Belinda almost brings her bottom back to meet the slipper. Lots of facials, she can look directly into the camera. “I really do hate the slipper, Colonel Grey.”  The more she complains, he shouts. Ms. Lawson’s bottom takes on a swollen, marbled  appearance in these films.

‘CC’ (time: 9 minutes) Prototype business. Officer Lawson has been told by Grey to remain in position, but she gave up and went back to studying. She is reading an unauthorized biography of the actor Erroll Flynn, who was rumored to fancy teenage bottoms.

“You’re not very good at following instructions.” “Not your instructions, Colonel Grey.” She baits him. Jacket off, over the desk, skirt up, white panties down. From the look of her bottom, she doesn’t need to be spanked anymore. Just sit her on a hard chair somewhere.  Long closeup rub to conclude.

(CD) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Belinda waits in the classroom, in full uniform, handling the tawse. Grey arrives. “You know the drill…jacket off, skirt off.” She bends over the vaulting bench and Grey uses the tawse on her white panties.

“Panties down, Lawson.” Her mock protest. “This is outrageous.” More tawsing. “Very marked bottom.” “Is it to your liking, sir?” She gets 20 strokes, then 2o more, and because she can’t resist the taunting comment,  yet 20 more.

“Did you run out of steam, sir? ” That’s 20 more. She’ll hold this position for 15 minutes. Maybe the more fierce punishment in this series.

(CE) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Belinda was left bent-over, bare bottom. Grey returns and is pleased she held position this time. “Shirt off, tie off.” After she has removed her white blouse, she is down to her bra, surely in the ‘D’ range. In her taunting tone, “Are you sure you don’t want me to take off my bra as well?”

Grey is going to use the tawse for “reinforcement.” Belinda lies lengthwise over a wooden vaulting platform and will be strapped in sets of 10. She counts aloud–the stroke sets are repeated, facial and rear. Belinda keeps goading. “I hope the color is to your liking, Colonel.” She is various shades of marbled and welted  red and pink.

After 40, she gets two more for her smart mouth. “Is that the best you can do?” At the conclusion she narrates: “That was very intense.”

(CF) (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Lawson reports to Grey. She is wearing a fashionable one-piece jump suit with a matching fore-and-aft cap. Grey has objected to this uniform and expects her in full uniform. So this earns another spanking in her sessions.

She bends over for the yardstick on her pants. Grey reminds her the fraud investigation is underway. “Take off that bogus uniform, Lawson.” She removes it very slowly, no bra, and the camera gives her boobs their usual attention. Grey reminds her she has forgotten something; she hands over her hat. They had us hoping she’d reach for her thong.

She bends again. “Count.” She gets 12 strokes from a meter stick, pretty light compared to some of these segments. She must remain bent over for 10 minutes. Slow motion repeats and a spirited outtake.

(CG) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Belinda bursts into the classroom. She is angry at Grey for scaring her horse when she was riding. Grey blames Belinda. She’s under investigation, she can’t win these things.

She quickly agrees to bend over the more traditional vaulting horse. Grey will use a riding crop on her jeans. If in fact these 9 segments were all filmed in one day, it is about now that keeping pants on might be a good idea.

We see the list of punishments on the blackboard. To keep her quiet, Grey has Belinda hold her own riding crop between her teeth . After the cropping she writes #7 on the board, “Riding crop.”

(‘CH’) (M/f; time: 12 minutes) In a rare exterior shot, Belinda is seen arriving at Grey’s classroom, wearing a sleeveless top and jeans. Grey tells her that the fraud investigation is over, she has been exonerated. But, because of her attitude, he wants two more disciplinary sessions with her, to “finish the program.”

Belinda doesn’t understand why she still has to be spanked. She sighs in resignation. She knows Grey is just exploiting her for his own pleasure. She touches toes for the meter stick. She will count aloud.

After a few strokes, “Jeans down, Lawson.” Black panties. After a few more cracks, Grey himself yanks down the panties. “If you’re going to do it to my bare bottom, I hope you will give it your best shot.”

“That’s 30, sir. Have you finished?” She angers Grey. “I resent that tone.” Six more. She knows he is admiring her mottled bottom and keeps taunting him. “Are you saving the best to last?” The spanking is repeated with various camera and slow motion.

(‘CJ’) (M/f; time: 15 minutes) The finale, and of course the Cane. Belinda reports in full uniform, looking just perfect. Grey is most pleased to flex the cane in front of her. “You’re going to cane my bottom, sir?” “Lift your skirt, and pull down your panties.”

Over a desk, she will get 3 sets of six, and she will count aloud. Each set is repeated, face and rear. And as usual, Belinda has the taunting remark, which earns her six more. And for good measure, Grey adds a final 3 zingers. Belinda gasps.

She is allowed to rub, hands on head to the wall. Belinda turns to the camera to describe the completion of this session. She speaks in almost teenage inflection. As we have noted, these segments were all done in one day. The riding crop was a first for her;  she liked the meter stick enough to request extras. And she shows her battleground bottom. but doesn’t say when she will work again.


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