Masonfield Prison for Women 6 – SPANKED-IN-UNIFORM

28 Apr

M/f; time: 15 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ made an appearance for this website. We’d have to say now, being a significant collector of her work, that this one is not very important. But the production values are good. And we would suggest the cast put these episodes together with an amount of sub Rosa humor  The series opens with scenes of prison cellblocks, real ones, not little faux corridors.

A fat male warden greets Amelia, who is still in her civilian clothes. She has been sentenced to 2 months for ‘indecent exposure,’ which was in fact a nude protest about something. The warden explains that corporal punishment is used at the prison and shows her his riding crop. “You’re not allowed.” He proceeds to chase her around, silly. Would have been so much better to have a dour matron  standing by to assist.

He explains the rules: “You are to dress in your uniform, no knickers, so that I can get to your bare bottom.”  The shocked face. “What?” The warden says it is “for humiliation.” “That sounds suspicious to me.” The warden does look smarmy–she’s onto something.

‘A Few Days Later’:  Amelia is lying absolutely naked on her bunk. Now she is protesting here. Our first thought was, let her. The warden enters, and after a few swipes from his crop, she pulls on a silly velour prison stripe jersey, just long enough to tease. She is sent to a punishment room, not much of a setup.

After shrinking in a corner waiting, she is made to bend over the end of a blanket-covered gurney. The warden will use a floppy strop. Moderate strokes, 24 counted aloud. Amelia is her usual gorgeous self, and her bare bottom gets a rosy glow, sufficient to allow her to stay a make a film or two more. Hands-on-head, bare bottom to the corner.

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