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Cheerleader Challenge – FIRMHAND

31 May

One of FIRMHAND’s  multi-part series, listed as 2016 and 2017, where ‘Samantha Woodley’ plays her bratty character to a tee. These dates of release are  measurably later than the making of the film, so she should have been in her mid-twenties here. FIRMHAND has advertised this series as discovered in the archives. By FIRMHAND Continue reading

Prefect Thrashed – REDSTRIPE

31 May

M/f; time: 11 minutes

This film was made in Spain, part of a  ‘RemingtonSteele’ operation, and very much the feel of an XEROTICS distribution. The male disciplinarian here is identified as ‘Nimoy,’ the very same well-traveled ‘Agean’ we have named  him and seen in many XEROTICS films.

Nimoy is in his academic robes. He has a pigtailed brunette prefect in his office. She is going to be spanked for something, and Nimoy is displeased with her unauthorized sea-green satin knickers, which seem to shine in the studio light as if they were wet.

“Don’t take my knickers down, please, sir.” “They’re coming down. You know the rules.” The girl has a big bottom and wide hips. A  series of canes is lined up against the bookcase, but they won’t be used today. The girl kneels up on a chair for more handspanking before she is sent to the corner. Routine schoolgirl stuff.

Death to Authority – NORTHERNSPANKING

30 May

M/f; year: 2010; time: 32 minutes

Another film NORTHERNSPANKING released in parts. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ ‘Amy Hunter,’ ‘Stephen Lewis,’ and ‘Syra Garcia (Yasmin).’ Syra  runs in and begs Lewis for more allowance. He is not going to relent, but he will take this opportunity to spank her. Standard, slightly silly spanking. Little black party dress up, black lace panties down, a naughty outfit.

Later, Syra sneaks back into the room and lifts the money she needs while Lewis naps, 120 pounds. Outside, we see the three girls, Amy, Amelia, and Syra, trying to act like borstaal girls, not Amelia’s forte. While they divide the money Syra lifted, Lewis catches them and marches the three bottoms inside.

“Let’s see where 120 pounds gets us.” Amelia is spanked first, not much of an argument. Skirt up, pink lace-trimmed panties. Lewis uses a crop and a cane. Hands on a table, Lewis does the panties himself. Amelia’s defiance is weak here. She has a clear bottom. Syra has been watching; Lewis beckons her for the cane. She bends over a table, panties down, for hers. Her busy bottom is more bruised.


30 May

2F/f; year: 2002; time: one hr, 15 minutes

‘Debbie’ has been grounded by her mother, and she is caught surfing on the Internet when she should have been doing her homework. From the look of the electronics in her room, this is an older film. And it has an amateurish feel, even though the producer advertised a website. The dialogue, facial angles, and blocking are all poor. And the sets are messy and random.

The boyish young lady wants to go to a dance, but her mother will not allow it in her scandalously short skirt. The girl comes home late from the dance, so the spanking will begin. The mother smacks with a paddle. Looks like no panties under the pantyhose. She is sent to get a strap and  pillow; when she lies over a coffee table, we see she must have taken her pantyhose off out of the room. There is a cat, unconcerned, relaxed on the carpet, reinforcing this is an amateur job.

More spanking and the hairbrush. She positions herself on a couch arm where the camera can’t catch the action.

Several more spanking scenes at home–on a snow day; Debbie seems to have spanking outfits, and her mother has a regular spanking regimen. The intensity is increasing.

‘Debbie’s Summer ‘Vacation’ Debbie visits ‘Aunt Sherry,’  who keeps up the disciplinary tradition. Very spanking positions and outfits. Debbie’s mother has her sister broadcast Debbie’s spanking on a private Internet conference channel. Strap, Spencer paddle, bath brush, big round paddle. Kitchen chores bare bottom.

‘Punishment Day’ for smoking at Aunt Sherry’s. The aunt does some of this spanking stripped down to panties herself, suggesting larger motives.


Mischief Makers – SHADOWLANE

26 May

M/2f; year: 2003; time: 48 minutes

‘Samantha Woodley’s’ tight little bratty bottom is featured in two films, simple and uneventful in format. In the first, sisters Samantha and ‘Paris’ are in the custody of ‘Steve Fuller,’ one of SHADOWLANE’s regular male disciplinarians. They will be staying with him for a month, and it will be a challenge, as he battles anxiety attacks.

The bored girls bicker and make noise to annoy Steve. He will spank both girls, on their shorts, pulling his punches. There are two more inconsequential spanking scenes, one after excessive shopping and another after a pillow fight.

M/2f; year: 2006; time: 58 minutes

The same named film, released a few years later, with Samantha, ‘Sierra Salem,’ and Arthur Sire, subtitled ‘Judgment Day.’ The girls sent ‘Uncle Henry’ (Steve Fuller) to therapy. Now they will work for Arthur at his hotel.

the girls miss their first assignments, sleeping in drunk, so Arthur will spank them pool-side. OTK on pool furniture, white bottoms with bikini tans. Early in Ms. Sierra’s career we think.





26 May

MF/2f’; year: 2016; time: 23 minutes

‘Aleesha Fox’ is strung up in a stonewalled room, not actually a cave, because a window floods the space with light. ‘Zoe Page’ is strapping her, first on her skimpy panties, before pulling them down. Full fontal as Aleesha spins on her binds. No story here, just soft BDSM.

In part 2, ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ is strung up in the ‘cave,’ already completely naked. Michael Stamp will do the strapping. The varied light in the room magnifies Ms. Rutherford’s nudity. Amelia surges and spins delightfully, making sure to keep her bottom cocked. Full screen bottom shots wonderful .


Pixie’s Discipline

26 May

2F/2f; time: 60 minutes

A  POV style film with ‘Amber Pixie Wells’ playing the dominant mother. We follow the camera up the stairs and hear a spanking underway. Pixie is spanking her daughter OTK bare bottom; POV-view, Anthea’s cousin enters the room and is invited to watch. She might learn something.

Pixie’s sister and her daughter have joined. They get to watch Anthea have her panties peeled off and marched upstairs for the evening portion of her punishment. Another spanking.

Later, Pixie and her sister recall her last spanking at home, permitting a sepia-tone flashback of Pixie being spanked.

The rest of the film contains repetitive spankings of the cousins by the two sisters. Conventional stuff, all domestic scenes.


22 May

F/f; time: 12 minutes

‘Sarah Gregory’ is rummaging through ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’s’ clothes, looking for her won clothes. We’ll suspend disbelief, they’re very different sizes.. Statuesque Ms. Rutherford stops her. Like roommates do, they argue about clothes and food.

Amelia strips off a two-piece outfit. Sarah wants it back, panties too. Amelia will walk around naked–not too many CP models can withstand this scrutiny year after year. Long OTK spanking on the bed. Sarah gets Amelia very red. Wonderful shots.


22 May

2M/3f; time: 15 minutes

Three pretty girls sneak around  a mansion they think is unoccupied. They decide to go topless at the pool. A guy inside the house spots them and calls a friend. You can imagine what he might say about the bonanza offered to them.

The two guys, one is ‘Michael Masterson,’ jump and wrestle down the topless girls. The girls are made to line up at the pool. This is a brightly lit exterior scene, often a challenge for a CP producer for light and sound, but RSN handles it.

The three girls will be spanked in turn, on their shorts, and then on the bare bottom. The guys use their belts. The spanked girls keep their hands folded at their hips, showing everything, as they stand naked awaiting their turn.

To conclude, the girls are set to work naked, cleaning the pool.


19 May

M/2f; year: 2009; time: 23 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Niki Flynn,’ wearing white gymslips and black panties, play ping pong. Silly, giggly, they try to spank each other.

‘Michael Stamp’ interrupts this frivolity. He will take over the spanking and has them both bend over the game table. The paddle is handy.

Panties down for both–we’re not sure we can recall a seen where Niki and Amelia are bare-bottom in the same shot. Niki compares very well. Nice stuff. Brief frontals as they recover.