I Married a Brat – SHADOWLANE

1 May

M/f; year: 2003; time: 31 minutes

We’ve chased down a few films of ‘Samantha Woodley,’ whose elusive little bottom has always been a favorite of ours. Here, she plays wife ‘Nancy,’ with husband credited as ‘Gino Colletti.’ SHADOWLANE’s website reports she is 19 years old here, a delicious thought.

The film is innocuous and almost silly, except for that little tush. There will be three OTK spanking scenes, where naughty Nancy is disciplined.

The first scene is exterior; Gino finds her disrespectful and argumentative, chases her down and spanks her with a pingpong paddle over the game table. No harm done.

In the second scene, she is over the couch, her little blue sunsuit pants pulled down. Didn’t record her offense, but her struggles are fun to watch. The girl can act.

And the last scene is the most dramatic. She was drinking at a party (We’re not sure why this is punishable). Another session on the couch, and harder. Gino gets the hairbrush, which Nancy doesn’t like. She has lost her panties. Off comes her dress for a refreshing brief little frontal, rare for Ms. Woodley. Nice, because we have been waiting. Straps and paddles; she wants to go to the bedroom, but Gino will finish the spanking.


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