Shoplifter – STONEFOX

2 May

2M/f; Year: 2013; time: 18 minutes

Another droll and clunky film from STONEFOX; thing is, happily, you always know where they are headed.

A brunette steals cosmetics at a store;  she is stopped in the parking lot, where a smarmy young guard has the power to handcuff her and take her away, we soon learn, to the “Moral Welfare Department.”

She is brought to a strange little room, not much more than a corner of a storeroom somewhere. On a column hangs an old-fashioned enema clyster can. The young guard searches her–he could have gone slower and been more thorough. He then handcuffs her to the column to wait. STONEFOX has made some attempt to simulate medical setups, but not here.

Dr. Fish enters, comically in his full medical garb, mask and all. He will continue the search of her person–we know what that means. But first, he wants a strip search. She is released so she can undress. “I want to go home.” She pulls her dress over her head–Fish wonders why she is not wearing a bra. Shoes off, each item is examined. Then she hands over her beige bikini panties, with a murmured “I don’t want to.”

She’s naked. Fish has her bend over a simple table and spread her buttocks. Rubber gloves on, Fish applies the lube and gives her a jabbing finger. She jumps. “You’ll be going home after you’ve had a chat with the Moral Welfare Officer.” But now, “I’m going to give you an enema.”

The guard fills the very dated clyster. She bends again. Fish lubes and inserts the nozzle, very quickly. She jumps again, quite reflexively. Fish releases the fluid–this part of the film is not as graphic as STONEFOX  can be, but we enjoyed her naked predicament.

They have her expel into a very old fashioned bedpan, on a bench right in front of them. She is not arguing any more. She is allowed to dress. A female moral welfare officer comes in and tells her she is to be given a physical examination and 10 strokes from a leather strap.

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