Maid For Discipline -Amelia Jane Rutherford – FIRMHAND

4 May

Another nine part series, released in 2017 but apparently made some time before and using the same set as in ‘School Spanking Expose,’ released in 2007. Ms. Rutherford looks about the same, and Ms. Blake is much thinner. Not sure why this was not released sooner. Contractural problems with Ms. Blake or Ms Rutherford?

(A) (M/f; year: 2017; time: 7 minutes) Maid Pandora Blake is setting the table in the baronial house FIRMHAND has used before. She breaks a pitcher, and the master of the house, Henry Higgins, catches her. He immediately takes her OTK, takes down her knickers, and begins a crisp and experienced spanking.

We can see that in this house maids get  spanked, and they don’t argue about it. In an exterior shot, ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford.’  dressed as a schoolgirl, arriving for the summer, is seen skipping through the landscaping with her luggage. She stops at a window and is amused to see the bare bottom spanking underway. She probably knew her uncle was one of those kind of men.

(B) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Amelia is on her way out the door for the summer, dressed in goofy schoolgirl clothes. Uncle Henry Higgins intercepts her and introduces her to her new maid for the summer, Pandora. Haughty Amelia is a bit indignant and already knows this maid can be had. “Do you play tennis? Do you speak French?” We learn Pandora’s father is in prison and that Higgins is helping out by employing her.

Next scene. Higgins does not approve of Amelia’s  dinner plans. She refuses his supervision, so he will spank her and marches her into a sitting room. The sets are all spectacularly detailed in this series, typical of FIRMHAND. Amelia wears a breezy summer dress, no bra, and we will soon see white panties. She often dresses like this. Skirt up, the spanking proceeds. Pandora is watching, amused.

Henry rings for the maid and Pandora appears. “Fetch me the ebony hairbrush, a towel, and a pitcher of water.” Amelia knows this means a more severe spanking. “Do what you want, but don’t you dare do it in front of her.” “You’re under my roof and subject to my discipline.”

(C)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Maid Pandora delivers the pitcher of water to Uncle Henry as he confronts niece Amelia. She is taken back OTK and Higgins pours the water slowly over her panties. We hear the expected squeals as the cold water penetrates. This is a first for us seeing the water applied this way. We are accustomed to the bare bottomed girl soaking her own knickers in the sink.

The handspanking continues; Pandora watches and tries to appear horrified. Like most maids, she is probably secretly thrilled to see her mistress turn up a bottom. Uncle Henry takes up the hairbrush. He takes her panties down–they have to be rolled because they are soaked. Amelia is embarrassed enough, she wants the maid out of the room. She confesses that she should obey her uncle.

(D)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) Maid Pandora and Amelia argue in Amelia’s bedroom. Pandora’s father is in prison and a humiliation. Uncle Henry interrupts–Pandora was taken on in sympathy. He is going to spank her right there while Amelia sits up in bed watching.

Pandora kneels on the bed for a conventional strapping on her white panties and then on the bare. Amelia watches, horrified and excited at the same time.

(E)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia brings Uncle Henry some switches cut from outside. Amelia is in a schoolgirl outfit, and Henry is on a tear about her grades. She is going to be whipped.

Amelia kneels on a stool and leans forward to rest her elbows on the second step of the baronial staircase. Henry slowly lowers her panties. “Oh, please, not that….how many, Uncle Henry?” Clever guy, he won’t say. We see about 12 rhythmic strokes, the a flurry of fast ones. Tears from Amelia, rare, real or not. Panties up slowly over the marks, in closeup.

(F) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Exterior shot of a croquet game in progress. Afterward, Amelia lolls on the lawn, flashing panty. Pandora watches from her room upstairs, not happy about being class-excluded from the partying. So she decides on revenge.

She forges a note from the gardener’s son and slips under Amelia’s door. Higgins finds it and accuses her of fraternizing. He marches her to the bathroom and puts soap in her mouth for such terrible language. Not the best soaping scene, we still prefer LUPUS.

Into  the bedroom, face down on the bed, Uncle takes down her panties. He uses his belt on her, hard enough to convince. A lot of squawking. Her denials are ignored.

(G) (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Amelia jimmies the lock on Uncle Henry’s private cabinet and finds an album of Victorian nude photos. The girls giggle over the book as Pandora brushes Amelia’s hair. They have bonded. Amelia bemoans the situation where she is punished in this house for just about anything.

Henry finds the broken lock and the girls with the album. He sends Amelia to the garden to cut more switches. But Pandora interrupts and takes the blame for the break-in.

So Pandora will take the whipping. “It won’t be the switch….it will be the birch….see me in 20 minutes in the hallway.”

Cut to the hallway. The birches soak and the spanking bench is set. Pandora enters submissively. Henry rejects Amelia’s attempt at intercession. Pandora lifts her skirt, lowers her knickers, and bends forward.

“Three dozen.” Pandora’s bottom is soon fully red with the crisscrossing of hundreds of angry little red lines. Not as ferocious as the cane, but reportedly a huge and delayed, steady burn. Overhead views shot from an opening upstairs in this 2-story room.

(H)(M/f; time: 12 minutes) Pandora sleeps in an antique high board bed. Amelia enters and thanks her for taking the birching for her. The girls still have the photo book. They cuddle naked in bed and fall asleep.

Henry finds them, and now both will be whipped. Cut to a sitting room , Amelia is stark naked, sprawled over the arm of a settee, bottom up, ready for whipping. The glamorous nudie pose she repeats in versions as often as possible.

Henry will use a cane this time. 18 strokes are shown. Pandora kneels naked in the frame and must do the counting. Switch to Amelia’s face after every stroke. And she gets 6 more for the fun of it. As good a caning as we have seen her take, very erotic.

Pandora’s turn, we fade out as she positions herself.

(J) (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Nude Pandora takes the same 25-stroke caning; she is thin and lithe here, and not often stark naked.

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