Therapy of the Ruler- Sylvia and Denise NWV-018 – NUWEST

5 May

F/f; time: 23 minutes

A very early film from NUWEST, around the time when 8 MM films were being converted to videotape. The production values are terrible, as you would expect.

Denise is already naked, tied standing to the foot of a bed. Sylvia is whipping her–she has been smoking, adulterous, hitting her son, and not going to church.

Sylvia shows her the hickory ruler she will use, and a gag if Denise is too noisy. “We’ll try a few to see if you scream.” The spanking is  mostly harmless, with more an air of BDSM that corporal punishment. This session ends with Denise sent whimpering to the wall, naked.

“Well, you’re ready for more discipline.” Denise is fastened to the door, arms up. The positioning and fastening are not shown.

After another cut, Denise is tied face down on the bed, for the paddle. She is promised her next spanking in a week.

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