Hunter’s Spankings-Caned in Malaysia – PUNISHEDBRATS

8 May

M/f; time: 12 minutes

Spanko ‘David Pierson’ plays the role of a representative of the American Embassy in Malaysia who will intercede and complete the punishment of an American girl convicted of vandalism. ‘Hunter’ has already been birched. Pierson will top her off with 12 strokes of the cane. She of course decries her innocence.

We love this plot line. One of our great favorites, ‘A Very British Compromise,’ depicts a female British embassy designee punishing a British nurse in lieu of her being whipped in public in Saudi Arabia, in a rousing spanking, strapping, and caning video. Pierson’s effort pales, but he is resourceful, Hunter is great, he fits in the erotic cues, and he has only 12 minutes of tape.

Hunter is a solid blonde with a long pigtail.  Immediately, Pierson asks, “Can I see your bottom?” Hunter drops her shorts without hesitation. The birching results look moderate, but anything more will surely sting. She’ll get 12 strokes instead of 24, and the event will be filmed for proof. She can either take the caning or he will return her to Malaysian authorities. (Shades of Singapore)

“I need you to take off all your clothing.” “All of them?” With just enough theatrical hesitation, Hunter strips naked. Very nice. It will take some whipping to subdue her. He has her kneel up on an easy chair in front of a fireplace in a sitting room setting and spread her thighs.

Pierson  begins caning, and Hunter screams and collapses on each stroke. At one point, she wants to cover her pussy, fearful Pierson will nick it (Has he already?). “Here comes the last one, it will be hard.” For the film documentation, she must face the camera and apologize, then bend over for the closeup.

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