Amelia Jane Rutherford at REALSPANKINGS

10 May

Here is the appearance of Amelia Jane Rutherford at REALSPANKINGINSTITUTE.  These sessions may be out of order, something we will fix in time. If the dates we read are correct, she is in her late 30’s here and still runs with the best of them.

Punishment Profile (M/f;  date: September 2015; time: 21 minutes) Ms. Rutherford visits the mountains of Colorado. She will sit for the prototype interview with Michael Masterson and then take the introductory spanking with Miss Betty. Masterson introduces her as “spanking royalty.” “Aristocracy,” British Amelia prefers. She sits on one of his couches and is shot full-frame, much in the manner of the wonderful CALSTAR Sophie Fennington ‘Interview’ in  1994. Same storyline, a chance to interview the current CP queen of the genre. Amelia jokes about the clunky “giant American furniture.”

Amelia has visited almost all of the major studios, excepting some European places where the darker, more sinister corporal punishment is depicted. Many of her films have been made with trusted spanko friends. She discusses her career here, as a spanking and bondage model, and as a nude and fashion model. From other interviews that are published, you’ll learn  she uses several stage names. She is a professional but says she melts into an amateur when she is spanked. We suggest she has become the most prolific  model in the CP industry.

Masterson asks the usual questions from off-camera. She discovered her nascent clandestine interest in CP at 16, with attraction to British literary references. In her early 20’s her first boyfriends were not good spankers; her first filmed spanking involved a rugbeater, which fascinated her. It sounds like her 5 segments at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL were next, “prolonged spankings” shot on some “Spanish island.” At her hotel there, she was surprised to see how bruised, almost black,  her bottom had become.

At this RSN shoot, she says she has been making spanking films for 10 years. Masterson gets her to admit her favorite implements are the paddle and the belt. As for the cane, she’ll take it, but it is “frightening” and the only implement which has made her bleed. She is aware that her 6’1″ height can be erotically intimidating, and turn some men to wanting to be spanked by her. But she prefers to be the ‘bottom,’ and has only done two ‘top’ performances, one with ‘Sarah Gregory,’ at  SARAHGREGORYSPANKING, which we have reviewed here. We found another, the harmless opening segment of ‘Aupair Trouble,’ at FIRMHAND. 

For the last 8 minutes, ‘Miss Betty’ is invited onto the set to give her the introductory spanking. “Miss Betty is quite a spanker…would you bare your bottom for us?” Amelia is proud to say, “…which currently has no marks.” Amelia stands and pulls down her slacks and panties to her Uggs without hesitation. Betty warms her with a brief moderate handspanking. “Now a dozen real good ones.” A playful Amelia: “Oh, my God.” This frontal scene is repeated from an oblique facial angle, where her soaring bottom still mesmerizes on the couch. Masterson is amused at how Amelia can chat away during the spanking.

She displays her bottom at the conclusion. “That was really great.” Being spanked by girls is especially different.

‘Arrival’  (M/f; time: 15 minutes) The role-play begins. Amelia is marched into Masterson’s office by Betty, who carries her RSI uniform. “I’m going to need you to take all your clothes off, right now!” “Whoa!” Amelia wants a dressing room. Betty wants no nonsense. Amelia plays the defiant, stubborn, reluctant, then submissive and resigned themes just as well as any girl who has walked these boards. We know this is not Sundance, but we love it.

After some sighs and fierce expressions, Amelia pulls a little black dress over her head. She wears just a flower-print bra and matching bikini panties. Pause. “Those too, All of it.” As the panties come down, Masterson walks into the room and Amelia squeals and covers. She kneels on the floor in a fetal pose to cover. “Stand up, now.”

Amelia stands and continues to cover. Masterson wants her arms at her sides and he will prevail. Amelia just wants her clothes and to get out of there. “I’m not here to entertain people with my nudity.” She curses Masterson. He makes log entries.

He starts smacking her bottom as she stands there. Some magnificent flesh here. Ms. Rutherford is the better of 20 years older than most of the RSI models who have wiggled in this spot, yet this is so memorable. He forces her to bend over as he continues the spanking. Alternate angle of this scene from the rear. Masterson forces her to assume the RSI hands-behind-the-back posture.

Some tears. “Am I making sense to you, Miss Amelia?” When he can’t elicit a ‘sir’  out of her and has had enough of her dirty looks, he pushes her over the desk again for more spanking, again repeated from the different views.

Time to begin dressing;  she wants the panties first, but Masterson wants the knee socks. More reluctance, more spanking. She dresses slowly into white undies, knee socks, kilt, blouse, maryjanes. Hot, top notch schoolie stuff.

Punishment scenario’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) From off-screen Masterson informs Amelia it is time to get more serious. Even though the scene has been  that of a spanking celebrity paying a visit to RSI, Masterson wants to insert the RSI role-play technique of Amelia oversleeping and ordering too many shoes online.

Miss Betty comes onto the set, positions her, and begins strapping her on her jeans. “Drop your jeans.” The strapping continues on white panties, then Betty pulls them down. This strapping is filmed from the rear and then the scene repeated from the side.

At the conclusion, Amelia takes a look at her bottom. “Oh, that was painful.” Ms. Rutherford is delicious when she discusses being spanked. She tells Michael her bottom always feels bigger after it has been spanked. They discuss pain remedies. None has worked for Amelia. Masterson recommends Arnica, topical of course. Volunteers?

Arrival continued’ (M/f; time: 21 minutes) Continuing the RSN formula, and staying within the storyline created, Amelia’s spanking will continue, in the classroom in front of the whiteboard. She wears a gray sports bra and warmup pants. She is kneeling erect, waiting nervously, arms locked behind her in the RSN position, teetering in discomfort.

Masterson arrives and continues the scolding from the Interview portion, reminding her that the spanking punishment is not finished. He pulls up her bra, to a gasp. Amelia’s nipples will be erect here, not always the case for her. Arms out, she has to hold a huge belt, another torture posture.

Amelia moves and kneels on the stool, bending forward, bottom to us. She gets the huge belt on her pants. A good moment for folks into bare feet. He pulls down her pants and panties. The scene is repeated from the side angle. She is left kneeling on her kneecaps at the wall.

After this torturous pause, Masterson allows her to stand, bend over, hands on knees, bare bottom. Masterson uses a hand-mirror sized thick wood paddle, one cheek at a time. Touch toes, lock hands behind ankles, more paddling. Then the lunge position. All this repeated from a side view.

Noticeable white, back-and-blue bruises by now. She strips off her bra and pants and assume the without-chair sitting position at the wall, arms out to hold the paddle. Very uncomfortable, and for how long?   Frontal flashes.

School Swats‘  (M/f; year: 2016; time: 25 minutes) Amelia completes her visit to RSI by getting the paddle. She asked for it when she told Masterson it was one of her favorites. She likes the thorough conclusiveness of the smack.

Amelia wears a simple top and short shorts, her hair in two pigtails. A long interview with Masterson from off-camera, including an improbable discussion of “cognitive dissonance.”

Masterson shows her the paddle he will use, the full-size thick fraternity type. “It’s huge…it’s hard to believe anyone could use this.” Amelia makes mock faces of horror as Masterson explains American paddle practices.

But talk is cheap. Amelia bends over and places her hands on a stool. Masterson begins with the paddle on her shorts. She is shocked. Five strokes, a break, then 5 more. Amelia puts up a delightful fuss. This paddling scene is repeated from a side camera.

Amelia pulls down her shorts and panties to inspect the damage. A  fully red and bruised bottom. “My God.” She sits gingerly on the stool for a concluding conversation. They discuss the spanking film business, then Amelia autographs the paddle with the date “9/15/16.’

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