Death to Authority – NORTHERNSPANKING

10 May

M/f; year: 2010; time: 32 minutes

A film in four parts. Stephen Lewis, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Amy Hunter, and Syra Garcia. Lewis is reading; Syra (‘Lucretia’) runs in and begs for more allowance. They argue. Lewis is not having any of it, and after a bit, he decides that a spanking will end this. He takes her OTK. Her little black dress rucks up, black lace panties down, a standard spanking.

Next scene: Lewis naps, so Lucretia sneaks back into the room and steals 120 pounds from his wallet. Lewis awakes and checks his wallet, suspecting trouble. The girls are outside splitting the money- Syra, Amelia, and Amy Hunter. Amelia in particular is not very good at portraying a borstal girl. Lewis breaks up this little cabal and marches them inside.

He is going to spank them, and he will start with Amelia, who doesn’t seem to argue much. “Let’s see where 120 pounds gets us.” OTK. Skirt up, pink lace-trimmed panties.

After this spanking, Lewis will shift to a crop and cane. Amelia put her hands on a little table and Lewis pulls her panties down. She is faux-defiant. The spanking is mild, no marks.

Syra gets the same crop and cane, maybe a little harder. There are marks and bruises. She is left kneeling. There is a sense that the girls have earned the money and can keep it.

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