10 May

2M/f;  year: 2010; time; 35 minutes

A spy spoof, absent the Shirley Bassey soundtrack. Released in parts by NORTHERNSPANKING. ‘Paul Kennedy’ and ‘Stephen Lewis’ break into Amelia Jane Rutherford’s  room and  wrestle with her on her hotel bed. They are going to spank her until she admits she has been performing espionage as a junior trade secretary in the Russian Embassy. The three struggle on the bed. Everyone wears fashionable black. Even the duct tape they will gag her with is black.

As Kennedy holds her down, Lewis throws 5 spanking implements on the bed they will torture her with. She is defiant, Amelia-like. “Do you know how many of them will work, none of them!”

The men make her kneel up and hold the metal headboard. She protests, but not too much. They tie her wrists. “I will tell you nothing because I know nothing.” Good facials, and just the slightest trace of physical maturity in this actress, who we have been following for about 10 years, when she looked positively illegal in ‘Girls Boarding School.’

“We want to know who your contact is!” Her dress has been pulled up, to display a black ensemble, thong, garter belt, and stockings. Kennedy begins with a martinet.

“Why don’t you go and torture someone else?” Amelia screams, suggesting there might be some pleasure in this for them. “Just because I’m a Russian doesn’t mean I’m a spy.” They refer to her as “Elena Markova.”

As the flogging with the martinet continues, Amelia begins to weaken and admits she has been ‘travelling,” as a “young Russian blond girl.” Kennedy pulls down her thong, meaningless but symbolic. “How dare you!…I bet you love it when youngRussian blond girls get caught. ”

Kennedy shifts to a crop. “Come on, brave girl.”She wants this “ridiculous charade” to end. Kennedy unties her so that he can pull her dress over her head. She sits on her haunches, covering her breasts. “Do we need to tie you up again, do we?” She weakens as they threaten to harm her son ‘Alexi.’

She kneels up again, almost willing now, stripped down to just garter belt and stockings. She begins to confess something about documents, as Kennedy continues to handspank her bottom, “I love my country and I hate yours.”

On her knees, he forces her head down, stretches her arms behind her, and ties her wrists again–an uncomfortable operation which brings her struggling to an end. While Kennedy holds her, Lewis turns to the cane, mild but colorful.

At the conclusion, she stands in just garter belt and stockings. Her panties are on the floor and hands tied behind her back. “Aren’t you going to untie me?” Apparently not.

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