10 May

3F/mf; year: 2013; time: 12 minutes

Caroline Grey, Will Savage, Pandora Blake. Pandora and Amelia have discovered some industrial espionage in their company, Will Savage is the culprit and knows some names, and the girls decide to spank him until he talks.

They tie his wrists to  table as he stands. Amelia does the ‘rigging,’ which she is learning at her RESTRAINEDELEGANCE site. The girls have just a touch of fun as they prepare him. “Are you going to talk?” Caroline pulls down his pants, not as excited as the other girls.  They encourage Caroline to begin the spanking. Pandora takes over and pulls down his shorts–the girls are calm about all this.

Amelia suddenly announces that Caroline has been involved in this spying; she knows the contacts also so they will spank her too. She is tied standing at the table facing Will. Both bottoms bared, both are turned red with handspanking, strap, and cane. Not quite as much salacious excitement in this scene as we thought there should have been.

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