Pauline’s Red Bottom

11 May

M/f; time: 25 minutes

Yet to identify this producer. A tall and older brunette has reported to a guy in a sitting room. She has been sent by her husband, apparently to be disciplined. She argues briefly but soon takes position, skirt up. The filming will be largely POV style, more of out protecting the identity of the male disciplinarian than cleverness.

“Have you been punished before?” “Yes.” She bends over and the handspanking begins. She takes off her jacket and skirt. The guy wants her to apologize to the camera. We missed her panties being pulled to her knees. This is almost amateur stuff.

Next  comes the cane. She steps out of her panties and grabs the mantel. The guy announces “6o seconds of spanking.” He gets in his fondling. When she faces the camera, full frontal, she tries to be defiant, but she is caving. He orders her blouse off, she smiles shyly when her estimable boobs are presented. She pulls them out of her bra. The  wicked guy proceeds to paddle her breasts, which turns her face red and she begins to whimper.

More caning, she will count out 20 strokes, and they haggle over the correct count. This would seem a legitimate caning; only an artist could recreate the wild marks and welts. He has to put her back in the chair to finish the caning because she can’t hold position. “I’ve had twenty,” she begs.

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