12 May

M/f; year: 2004; time: 15 minutes

‘Dublin O’Brien,’  a bit improbable in a cheerleader’s outfit, rushes home, to greet her father or guardian, in the person of ‘James Walker.’ She is eager to show him the cheerleader moves she has learned today. But Walker has received a call from her coach. She skipped practice.

She’s been smoking and drinking.  Walker takes her OTK on a couch in an otherwise empty room. Bottle green panties down, a conventional spanking. When Walker goes through her bag, he finds a bottle of gin. That will be the cane.

Dublin kneels up on the couch, panties down. Over 20 strokes are shown, mild enough not to be troubling, but the first stroke shuts her mouth. He has her stand and bend over so that she can hold position. She moans through it, “I don’t feel well.”

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