12 May

M/f; year: 2010; time: 9 minutes

‘Niki Flynn’  and ‘William McGonagall.’ Niki is a college student and she reports to McGonagall in his garret office. Niki wears a silly tutu and ripped stockings. She came from a rehearsal.

McGonagall reminds her of some college policies which prohibit “alternative sexuality.” He shows her a strap. He will relax the rules for her if she will take a spanking. “You’re not touching me with that.” But yes.

McGonagall begins a handspanking over his desk. A bit silly. Ms Flynn has done better. “You’re a pig…are you done?” “This is just the warmup.” When he takes her panties down, “You’ve seen enough!” After this brief spanking, she is sent off. He calls the director of the show she is working on and encourages that she get the part. Sounds like director sends girls to McG, the pig.

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