Honey, I Shrunk Your Clothes – NORTHERNSPANKING

12 May

M/f; year: 2005; time: 10 minutes

‘Dublin O’Brien’ and ‘James Walker.’ This is an excellent example of Ms. O’Brien’s portrayal of an Irish temper. Almost too much of it.

She lounges on a couch in a shorty robe. Her husband (Walker) comes home, after having called being out with the boys, and discovers she has shrunk his clothes. They argue, but not all that much, and Walker gets his cane. In spite of Dublin’s temper and salty language, she does not dispute much and soon bends over the couch and lets him take down her red panties.

He lays on over 20 rather mild cane strokes. Her robe is off and her nightie rucked up. Plenty of cussing–she is very good at it. Walker is interrupted by a call and again to go out with the boys again.

We would have ended this film differently, by Walker marching Dublin off to the bedroom to complete the punishment.

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