12 May

M/f; time: 17 minutes

‘Niki Flynn’  and ‘Adele Haze’  are fully decked out schoolgirls doing their Latin homework. Niki pulls rank as a prefect and makes Adele do her work. Nice antique table and bench.

‘Latin Class-Next Day’: In a little narrow classroom set, Stephen Lewis presides in his master’s robes. He is studying Niki’s homework while she squirms in his presence. Ms. Flynn always entertains when she wiggles apprehensively before a spanking. When she can neither read the Latin well or translate her own work, Lewis’ suspicions are confirmed. There is a cane on his desk.

Niki bends over a desk and Lewis takes her panties down immediately. About 20 moderate strokes are shown, excellent oblique and rear views. Very good Niki here—she can make it appear to hurt, maybe not RigidEast (“Prague,” she calls it) , but we endorse.

Before Lewis releases Niki, she must turn over her prefect’s pin. She will report to him tomorrow with revised homework and get caned even harder for just more mistake.

Niki returns to her room and jumps ‘Adele Haze,’ who has been ghosting her Latin homework. Niki gives her a long spanking by sitting on her back and then bare-bottom paddle.


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