Parlour Maids Punishment – NORTHERNSPANKING

15 May

MF/2f;  year:2009; time: 39 minutes

A long film for NORTHERNSPANKING, with a cast of Glagow regulars and American visitor Niki Flynn. The couple ‘Michael Stamp’ and ‘Lucy McLean’ come home from the movies and are disturbed to see that the fireplace has not been cleaned out.

Stamp shouts for the maid on duty, “Flynn.” Niki reports, in full Victorian maid’s garb, a long gown, apron, and the Molly-cap. After a scolding, Lucy will give a spanking, probably fun for them to do before bed. Niki must take the traditional pose at the mantel. Lucy tucks up her long skirt and opens her bloomers. She paddles Niki’s bare bottom quite hard, not always the case in these NORTHERNSPANKING costume dramas.

After this spanking, Niki must kneel and finish the fireplace work, her bloomers open. But she makes a mess. “Fetch the cane,” demands McLean. While Niki is gone, the couple plans the spanking, and Niki accidently re-renters the scene before this dialogue is complete. But they keep rolling.

She returns. “Assume the position.” Niki raises her skirt and grabs the mantel again. Lefty McLean begins caning, the bloomers are open. 15 sharp strokes, no fooling around. Stamp sits and watches, reading his book. We love the storyline and remember a naughty story in JANUS where the master of the manor was allowed to take his maids to the cellar once in a while for more extended instruction.

Niki counts out and thanks her master and mistress for the last six. McLean leaves a little pattern of white lines on the red bottom. Stamp gets up for a very close look at Niki’s bottom.

‘The Next Day’ The scene changes from the parlour room to a bedroom. Another maid is at work, ‘Pandora Blake.’ She wears the same uniform. Michael Stamp is upset with her about a poorly made bed and reminds her of other transgressions. Another maid to spank. There is no “report to my study” stuff here.

“I am the master and you are the wench….we need a lesson in discipline.” He orders Pandora to get the hairbrush, the white one. Some mild argument. “Lift your skirt.” He spreads the bloomers, which almost fall open by themselves. “Ah yes, Mistress Lucy has obviously been here quite recently.” A standard crisp OTK hairbrush spanking, except that Ms. Blake’s thighs are open a bit more for us.

After this spanking, Stamp has her finish her work, of course with a bare bottom. Stamp will continue her spanking here in the bedroom, now with a traditional Victorian rattan rug beater. The symbolism is good, but the implement does not really impact that much. Stamp is a milder spanker than McLean. We hear Niki’s voice interrupt, but she is quick to leave when she sees what is going on. “Sorry, sir.”  “I’ll see you later.”  Maybe not good news. Back to work to conclude.



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