16 May

M/f; time: 20 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’  has been sent to a special school. She’s in trouble and she knows it. She sits on a low couch so that she is all leg. “I didn’t consent to be here.” She has to spend three months here, and the corporal punishment waiver has been executed.

‘John Osborne’ sits at a small table with spanking implements displayed in front of him. “You’re here for a discipline session.” Before they start, Amelia is sent to another room, where she’ll find an outfit appropriate to wear for this session. She returns in a pink gingham doll’s outfit. She has even put her hair in pigtails with ribbons.

John pulls her pink panties down as she faces us. “That will disappear,” he says, pointing to pubic hair. She’s supposed to be a little girl. Too bad we won’t see that effectuated.

OTK, panties down. (“No, please!”) She kneels on a chair, bare bottom, for the slipper. Then the cane, fast and mild but fun. He wants her to hold tight.

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