Getting Medieval On Her Ass – NORTHERNSPANKING

16 May

3M/2f; time: 14 minutes

A silly exercise on a straw-covered floor in a stable-like room. ‘Zoe Montana’ is a “wench” about to be punished and ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ will be a spectator most of the way. The dialogue is silly Elizabethan farce. What were they thinking? Who creates this stuff? Lucy McLean is the writer.

Zoe is an adulterer with a “treacherous bum” and will be spanked by ‘Paul Kennedy’ and ‘Nick Whackford,’ using a small hard-tipped leather paddle. Zoe goes over a trestle for the paddle and a razor strop. Dress up,  no panties. Stephen Lewis joins and uses a flogger.

The men  try to turn on Amelia, who has been an amused and titillated spectator, but she evades a spanking.

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