16 May

M/2f; time: 19 minutes

When you have your pants down frequently on-screen, you’ve got to have confidence in your associates. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ made this film with trusted friends ‘John Osborne’ and ‘Sarah Gregory.’

The girls are in their two-piece pajamas on Sarah’s bed. Amelia is a secret guest. We think we might review our files for our favorite pajama film. This is a good one.

Osborne is Sarah’s father and hears some commotion. Amelia hides under the bed but John returns and catches her. A guest must be a curfew violation or something, because he is going to spank Sarah right there. Sarah wears boy-type pj’s, and the bottoms can’t hide the flare of her hips. John takes her OTK on the bed, and there is the little prototype tussle as John lowers the bottoms. Great bottom of course, and Ms. Gregory knows how to open her thighs just right. Split screen, face and bottom.

She flashes some puss when John lets her up. Amelia’s turn for the same spanking, also bare bottom. To conclude, the girls lie over the bed and present two red bottoms.


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