16 May

MF/f; year: 2008;time: 38 minutes

‘Dublin O’Brien’ and ‘Stephen Lewis’ are guests in another hotel room story. ‘Yasmin Garcia,’ in a silly maid’s outfit, enters their room. “Housekeeping!” It’s a sparse little room, a sort of a garret NS has used before.

Yasmin is left to tidy up, she soon starts to explore Dublin’s things, clothes, jewelry, shoes,  etc. The couple returns, Dublin sees her shoes on Yasmin and is furious. Lewis has to hold her back. Ms. O’Brien can play angry. Yasmin begs for forgiveness and her job, and we can see smiles creep across Dublin and Lewis’ faces as they realize their leverage.

Dublin is excited, she assists Yasmin as she gets on Lewis’ lap on the bed. Short little dress and crinolines up, black panties. They are having fun with Yasmin. Dublin discovers that Yasmin has rooted through her bag. “You’ve moved my stuff.” From the bag, Dublin fishes out spanking implements. We guess Dublin and Lewis brought some toys. Lewis paddles her kneeling on the bed. Nice views. Lewis does some fondling.

Dublin does some spanking, using a harmless soft flogger. Yasmin is paddled on a pile of pillows. Then both Dublin and Lewis cane her. The canes could not have fit in the small suitcase. This is the hardest spanking of this rather playful and mild film.


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