Death to Authority – NORTHERNSPANKING

30 May

M/f; year: 2010; time: 32 minutes

Another film NORTHERNSPANKING released in parts. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ ‘Amy Hunter,’ ‘Stephen Lewis,’ and ‘Syra Garcia (Yasmin).’ Syra  runs in and begs Lewis for more allowance. He is not going to relent, but he will take this opportunity to spank her. Standard, slightly silly spanking. Little black party dress up, black lace panties down, a naughty outfit.

Later, Syra sneaks back into the room and lifts the money she needs while Lewis naps, 120 pounds. Outside, we see the three girls, Amy, Amelia, and Syra, trying to act like borstaal girls, not Amelia’s forte. While they divide the money Syra lifted, Lewis catches them and marches the three bottoms inside.

“Let’s see where 120 pounds gets us.” Amelia is spanked first, not much of an argument. Skirt up, pink lace-trimmed panties. Lewis uses a crop and a cane. Hands on a table, Lewis does the panties himself. Amelia’s defiance is weak here. She has a clear bottom. Syra has been watching; Lewis beckons her for the cane. She bends over a table, panties down, for hers. Her busy bottom is more bruised.

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