30 May

2F/f; year: 2002; time: one hr, 15 minutes

‘Debbie’ has been grounded by her mother, and she is caught surfing on the Internet when she should have been doing her homework. From the look of the electronics in her room, this is an older film. And it has an amateurish feel, even though the producer advertised a website. The dialogue, facial angles, and blocking are all poor. And the sets are messy and random.

The boyish young lady wants to go to a dance, but her mother will not allow it in her scandalously short skirt. The girl comes home late from the dance, so the spanking will begin. The mother smacks with a paddle. Looks like no panties under the pantyhose. She is sent to get a strap and  pillow; when she lies over a coffee table, we see she must have taken her pantyhose off out of the room. There is a cat, unconcerned, relaxed on the carpet, reinforcing this is an amateur job.

More spanking and the hairbrush. She positions herself on a couch arm where the camera can’t catch the action.

Several more spanking scenes at home–on a snow day; Debbie seems to have spanking outfits, and her mother has a regular spanking regimen. The intensity is increasing.

‘Debbie’s Summer ‘Vacation’ Debbie visits ‘Aunt Sherry,’  who keeps up the disciplinary tradition. Very spanking positions and outfits. Debbie’s mother has her sister broadcast Debbie’s spanking on a private Internet conference channel. Strap, Spencer paddle, bath brush, big round paddle. Kitchen chores bare bottom.

‘Punishment Day’ for smoking at Aunt Sherry’s. The aunt does some of this spanking stripped down to panties herself, suggesting larger motives.


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