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19 May

M/2f; year: 2008; time: 12 minutes

‘Niki Flynn’  and ‘Katie Rose James’ are in bed together. Big cast; ‘Lucy McLean’  and ‘Paul Kennedy’  play their parents, and because the girls are say they are sick, a doctor has been called.

The doctor (‘James Walker’) arrives in scrubs. We don’t see his bag, which is disappointing. A doctor and two girls in bed in  CP movie has potential. We are assured he is a “qualified doctor.” The doctor breaks up a fight between the girls and decides he will spank them. Kate is bare bottom; Niki has nifty little white panties.

When he catches the girls trying to sneak out, they get another spanking. With those scrubs he wears, we wondered why he couldn’t think of other remedies.

Authority Figure – SHADOWLANE

19 May

M/2f; year: 2007; time: 49 minutes

We have not pursued SHADOWLANE in any great detail; we have mentioned before–the films are a bit innocuous for our personal taste, but if you are trying to cajole a partner, they work fine. And there is an interesting list of famous CP models who have come along for Eve Howard.

Here we have ‘Kailee Robinson’  and ‘Abigail Whittaker’ with ‘Lance Del Toro.’ The girls play aupairs hired by him, two of them! He doesn’t like their references- drinking and partying, but he probably got a good look at them when they came in and saw his opportunities. “In this house, you break my rules, you’re going to be spanked.”  As he scolds. “…I will have your butt.”

To start them off, he gives them a food budget and cell phones to use.

FADE: You know what happens when you give a girl a cell phone with no suggestion on use limitations. Both girls ran up huge texting bills. You’ve got to admire these models, given their pornographic film experience, how meek and vulnerable they can appear.

The girls have to bend over the table and study the phone bills while Lance begins spanking them. Handspanking on skirts, then skirts up, pantyhose and panties down. Two famous bottoms, if not for our Mt. Rushmore, replicas certainly for our gift shop.

Lance then spanks the girls individually OTK, then bottoms displayed at the fireplace.

FADE: the two girls cuddle in bed. We’ve read Ms. Whittaker was so inclined. Lance interrupts and doesn’t care for this. Both girls are spanked over the bed, handspanking and paddle. They kneel up on the bed, side-by-side, red bottoms, for a paddle. Then both bottoms on pillows for more.

A collectible film if these ladies appeal to you as they do to us.


16 May

M/f; time: 20 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’  has been sent to a special school. She’s in trouble and she knows it. She sits on a low couch so that she is all leg. “I didn’t consent to be here.” She has to spend three months here, and the corporal punishment waiver has been executed.

‘John Osborne’ sits at a small table with spanking implements displayed in front of him. “You’re here for a discipline session.” Before they start, Amelia is sent to another room, where she’ll find an outfit appropriate to wear for this session. She returns in a pink gingham doll’s outfit. She has even put her hair in pigtails with ribbons.

John pulls her pink panties down as she faces us. “That will disappear,” he says, pointing to pubic hair. She’s supposed to be a little girl. Too bad we won’t see that effectuated.

OTK, panties down. (“No, please!”) She kneels on a chair, bare bottom, for the slipper. Then the cane, fast and mild but fun. He wants her to hold tight.

Getting Medieval On Her Ass – NORTHERNSPANKING

16 May

3M/2f; time: 14 minutes

A silly exercise on a straw-covered floor in a stable-like room. ‘Zoe Montana’ is a “wench” about to be punished and ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ will be a spectator most of the way. The dialogue is silly Elizabethan farce. What were they thinking? Who creates this stuff? Lucy McLean is the writer.

Zoe is an adulterer with a “treacherous bum” and will be spanked by ‘Paul Kennedy’ and ‘Nick Whackford,’ using a small hard-tipped leather paddle. Zoe goes over a trestle for the paddle and a razor strop. Dress up,  no panties. Stephen Lewis joins and uses a flogger.

The men  try to turn on Amelia, who has been an amused and titillated spectator, but she evades a spanking.

Room Service or Spanking – SARAHGREGORYSPANKING

16 May

F/f; time: 13 minutes

CP domme queen ‘Dana Sprecht’ plays an angry hotel guest who has been waiting for her room service order too long. She waits and calls and waits.

A knock at the door. ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ enters, wearing a silly little bellboy-type staff outfit. Dana thought it was her meal, but Amelia has brought towels. She doesn’t know or care about the food. So Dana is going to hold her hostage until the food arrives. “I’m going to have you over my knee spanking you.” The two actresses are comical on screen–Amelia must be a foot taller,

Amelia struggles with her lines a bit. She reminds Dana that spanking is illegal in England. Long silly scolding, Amelia decides that a spanking is better than being fired. Halfway through the film she is finally OTK, Dana does the panties. Standard spanking–we bet these actresses had some laughs.

Ella Caned on the X Cross – BARSANDSTRIPES

15 May

M/f; year: 2016; time: 8 minutes

Updated perfect graphics from  BARSANDSTRIPES, the prison cellblock scene. A very pretty Irish redhead model, ‘Ella Hughes,’  is naked, fastened to the horizontal wood X-frame. Her bottom is elevated by pillows and a blanket.

She is cavalier despite her predicament and refuses to give guard ‘Michael Stamp’ (he wears a nametag) information he needs. “Right. Let’s see how long you last.” Stamp begins a moderate caning, Ella doesn’t struggle much. Excellent rear shots up her legs. Pale Irish skin and puss. Blue eyes flash, they keep her flowing red hair off her face.

Parlour Maids Punishment – NORTHERNSPANKING

15 May

MF/2f;  year:2009; time: 39 minutes

A long film for NORTHERNSPANKING, with a cast of Glagow regulars and American visitor Niki Flynn. The couple ‘Michael Stamp’ and ‘Lucy McLean’ come home from the movies and are disturbed to see that the fireplace has not been cleaned out.

Stamp shouts for the maid on duty, “Flynn.” Niki reports, in full Victorian maid’s garb, a long gown, apron, and the Molly-cap. After a scolding, Lucy will give a spanking, probably fun for them to do before bed. Niki must take the traditional pose at the mantel. Lucy tucks up her long skirt and opens her bloomers. She paddles Niki’s bare bottom quite hard, not always the case in these NORTHERNSPANKING costume dramas.

After this spanking, Niki must kneel and finish the fireplace work, her bloomers open. But she makes a mess. “Fetch the cane,” demands McLean. While Niki is gone, the couple plans the spanking, and Niki accidently re-renters the scene before this dialogue is complete. But they keep rolling.

She returns. “Assume the position.” Niki raises her skirt and grabs the mantel again. Lefty McLean begins caning, the bloomers are open. 15 sharp strokes, no fooling around. Stamp sits and watches, reading his book. We love the storyline and remember a naughty story in JANUS where the master of the manor was allowed to take his maids to the cellar once in a while for more extended instruction.

Niki counts out and thanks her master and mistress for the last six. McLean leaves a little pattern of white lines on the red bottom. Stamp gets up for a very close look at Niki’s bottom.

‘The Next Day’ The scene changes from the parlour room to a bedroom. Another maid is at work, ‘Pandora Blake.’ She wears the same uniform. Michael Stamp is upset with her about a poorly made bed and reminds her of other transgressions. Another maid to spank. There is no “report to my study” stuff here.

“I am the master and you are the wench….we need a lesson in discipline.” He orders Pandora to get the hairbrush, the white one. Some mild argument. “Lift your skirt.” He spreads the bloomers, which almost fall open by themselves. “Ah yes, Mistress Lucy has obviously been here quite recently.” A standard crisp OTK hairbrush spanking, except that Ms. Blake’s thighs are open a bit more for us.

After this spanking, Stamp has her finish her work, of course with a bare bottom. Stamp will continue her spanking here in the bedroom, now with a traditional Victorian rattan rug beater. The symbolism is good, but the implement does not really impact that much. Stamp is a milder spanker than McLean. We hear Niki’s voice interrupt, but she is quick to leave when she sees what is going on. “Sorry, sir.”  “I’ll see you later.”  Maybe not good news. Back to work to conclude.




12 May

M/f; time: 17 minutes

‘Niki Flynn’  and ‘Adele Haze’  are fully decked out schoolgirls doing their Latin homework. Niki pulls rank as a prefect and makes Adele do her work. Nice antique table and bench.

‘Latin Class-Next Day’: In a little narrow classroom set, Stephen Lewis presides in his master’s robes. He is studying Niki’s homework while she squirms in his presence. Ms. Flynn always entertains when she wiggles apprehensively before a spanking. When she can neither read the Latin well or translate her own work, Lewis’ suspicions are confirmed. There is a cane on his desk.

Niki bends over a desk and Lewis takes her panties down immediately. About 20 moderate strokes are shown, excellent oblique and rear views. Very good Niki here—she can make it appear to hurt, maybe not RigidEast (“Prague,” she calls it) , but we endorse.

Before Lewis releases Niki, she must turn over her prefect’s pin. She will report to him tomorrow with revised homework and get caned even harder for just more mistake.

Niki returns to her room and jumps ‘Adele Haze,’ who has been ghosting her Latin homework. Niki gives her a long spanking by sitting on her back and then bare-bottom paddle.



12 May

M/f; year: 2012; time: 15 minutes

Another silly film, we’re sorry to say, and here, we are even robbed of seeing Amelia Jane Rutherford without her pants. ‘Tom Cameron’ and ‘Pandora Blake’  practice Japanese stick fighting–Kendo, in the oak beamed room they often use.

Amelia enters the room, in a silly costume, as the ‘Avenger.’ She begins dueling with Cameron, and must lose some contest, because she bends over and allows him to cane her on black skin-tights. Poor views of this. Pandora watches, amused at the Avenger’s fate. Or is she smiling because someone actually filmed this silly story she is credited as writing?


12 May

F/f; year: 2014; time: 11 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ is baking chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen of the ‘ranch’ set we have heard referred to as the ‘spanking ranch’ in other films. An older ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer’ is furious, because it is 100 degrees outside. The air conditioning! A spanking offense here at the ranch.

Amelia is taken OTK for the conventional spanking skirt up, pink lace-trimmed panties down quickly. The spanking is filmed by three cameras, front, rear, and overhead.