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28 Jun

Some rather silly performances coming out of the British CP group, Sarah Gregory, John Osborne, et al. Probably in the era of HIDEFSPANKING and AAASPANKING. Maybe we have become jaded or just seen too much of Ms. Rutherford, but we would have liked her to be a bit more inventive here. We like it when she is taken out of a cell and marched to the X-cross; or when a police officer wants her pants down; or when her employer offers her the dreaded choice.

‘Amelia Learns a Lesson’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford wears a geeen TITANS uniform. Zoe Page is in charge of the squad. There is a long list of offenses committed by Amelia-all about being self-centered. Zoe is going to spank her, takes her OTK, and is shocked that, along with everything else she is not wearing panties. A performing cheerleader with her bottom in the breeze!

Conventional spanking. Some bruising. Zoe takes up a hairbrush. “God damn!” objects Amelia. “Hairbrushes are not for bottoms.” Amelia has to sing out her faultless during the spanking. Amelia is made to kneel up on the couch and wait until Zoe returns. She looks back at her bottom in dismay, the posing featured always. She feels ruined. “I had so many plans for it,” she moans. We’d say plans accomplished.

‘Cheer Squad Discipline 1’ (2M/9f; time: 38 minutes) The flagship video for this series. Nine credited CP actresses, including ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ ‘Stevie Rose,’ ‘Kajira,’ and other ladies familiar to the spanko community. It is a simple story; two coaches have brought their recalcitrant cheer squads together for some group discipline. The scenario may please cheerleader fans. We’d have to say, though, that the spankings will pale in comparison to LUPUS’  ‘Crime at St. Thomas School’ and several MOOD films with multiple bottoms.

The nine girls are appropriately shocked when they hear “expulsion or discipline,” and that means spanking. Amelia has the most lines. She looms almost a foot taller than the girls, and of course her perfect bottom is equally proportioned.

Coaches ‘Johnny Lake’ and ‘John Osborne’ position benches and begin spanking their own girls in turn. Amelia is taken first, her squawk setting the standard. Bare bottoms are not unusual in this group. After the girls are given their turn, they stand in the shot, pants down, until we have a row of 9 bare bottoms. Because there is an odd number of girls, both men spank ‘Skyler.’

The paddle is used for the second part, and it is a little disappointing, some virtually faux strokes. But there is plenty to look at on the screen, and Amelia keeps popping off, no restraining her.

‘Clueless Cheerleader’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford is on a college scholarship to the USA. Her cheerleading coach ‘Sarah Gregory’ is shocked Amelia has bought her own uniform and gear. “This looks like a stripper outfit.” The blue satin panties, quite inadequate for the task, especially bother Ms. Gregory.

Amelia hasn’t read the manual, doesn’t know the cheers, nothing. Sarah strips off the offending panties. A sing-song “Sorry!” is met with the CP staple “Sorry is not going to cut it.” Amelia kneels on a chair. The handspanking starts. “I don’t like it.” Mild stuff, hair off her face. Sarah uses fingernails on Amelia’s bottom, producing a shiver.

Sarah wants her naked. Objections evaporate on threat of a paddle. Naked Amelia, the big moment, as usual. Amelia must remain here alone, naked. “America is so strict! I wonder if the President spanked people.”

‘Dramatic Brat’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) The copyright date here is 2005; if the production date was close to that, Ms. Rutherford is about 38 years old here, and still credible as a cheerleader.

‘Joelle Barros’  is upset with Amelia because she insists on wearing a uniform of her choice, not the team uniform. Time for an attitude adjustment. “You’re going to get a spanking.” OTK, skirt up, green uniform panties. Amelia keeps reaching back, although Ms. Barros is disappointing as a spanker. “Hands down or I’ll go straight to the brush.”

Amelia stands to drop her own panties and returns to the OTK position. Hairbrush for that magnificent, high-arching bottom.

‘Indecent Behavior’ (M/f; year: 2005; time: 11 minutes) Coach ‘John Osborne’ is disappointed with Amelia, who is again out of the proper uniform. He is holding a paddle as he scolds her, and Amelia eyes it suspiciously. In addition to her dress, she was caught on camera peeing in the woods. That’s what the paddle is for.

OTK, white panties. Silly apologies. Bare bottom, the usual eye-popping closeups. Osborne pays more attention to her thighs here than normal. A sort paddling, bent over. Amelia keeps adjusting her hair off her face.

’Sister’s Revenge’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Zoe Page and Amelia Jane Rutherford. More tepid stuff. When Zoe begs Amelia to let her join the cheerleading squad, Amelia is so  dismissive and insulting that sister Zoe is going to give her a spanking.

Simple stuff, Amelia goes OTK in her blue and white uniform for a loud, squawky and conventional bare bottom spanking. Zoe has a little black paddle at hand to add to the fun. The girls scuttle around so that left handed  Zoe is in position.

‘Stop Shush Spank’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Amelia sits on her too small brass bed, wearing her cheerleader uniform. ‘Robert Stone’ enters. Amelia is complaining about the reaction to her volunteer journalism on practices at her school. It seems that she is an exchange student in the U.S. from England, and that she has already refused to be spanked for her insulting writing, even though corporal punishment is authorized in the contract she signed.

So Stone wants her to stop talking, shush up, and listen to him. On behalf of the school, and his alma mater, he will do the spanking. He takes her OTK on the bed, red panties under her uniform. Standard spanking, panties down. Ms. Rutherford takes her classic pose on her haunches to look at her bottom after Stone leaves.

’Winner Takes  All’ (F/2f: time: 15 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford, Joelle Barros, and Sarah Gregory. More ineffectual spankings on this website. Joelle and Amelia, in cheerleader’s uniforms, argue. Sarah is the domme here, and she will settle things with a paddle. She paddles Joelle first, kind of silly, panties down. Amelia next, the same yellow panties come down. Both bare bottoms to the wall, where Sarah paddles them again,all mild.


27 Jun

M/f; year: 2009; time: 1 hr 19 minutes

Niki Flynn made this sort of one-off film FOLLOWING publication of her ‘Dances With Werewolves’ erotic memoir and three trips to Prague to make 5 increasingly noir films with LUPUS. ‘China Hamilton’ plays an evil omnipotent ‘Dr. Mueller.’ Think Laurence Olivier in ‘Marathon Man.’

Niki plays ‘Eleanor Wilson,’ who has been arrested by the State for distributing political pamphlets. She was roughed up by prison guards–Mueller notes her sheared hair (from the LUPUS film), and now she has been turned over to the doctor, who will apply his special method of corrective therapy to treat her penchant for making excuses. The film opens with Niki seated in front of Mueller, bound and hooded, erotically depicted with burlap, leather belts, and handcuffs. A menacing Mueller, dressed in medical smock, removes her bonds. Niki is confused, gasping and struggling.

The film will switch from this scene where Mueller is interviewing her, where things get progressively worse; a second series of more graphic BDSM scenes will show Niki fastened in position in a gynecology chair. All the scenes are lit with theatrical spot lighting against a dark background.

Scenes in the gyno chair: Niki’s wrists are bound and her ankles tied into the stirrups. Mueller plays between her widespread legs, and in successive scenes, he manipulates a speculum, gives her an injection with a hypodermic needle worthy of a veterinarian, teases with forceps, uses some humming electrical device, and gropes. Niki’s moaning protestations are known to us. The camera never gets between her legs–that part of her cinematic evolution she never permitted. Mueller cuts or removes most of her clothes as she writhes.

Mueller pries Niki’s mouth open with an antique Jennings-like dental gag, and on two occasions pours water down her throat, causing her to gag and sputter. Using another mouth opener, Mueller grabs her tongue with forceps.

The film segues to Niki on the floor, almost naked now. Mueller will flog and whip her in various postures. When she is strung up and twisting, her ribs and hip bones show, making her appear all the more the tortured waif. At one point, Mueller forces Niki’s head into a pail of water.






27 Jun

M/f; year: 2009; time: 29 minutes

We joined Dallas’ website to pick up a few of his best films we have not been able to find. Dallas was pleased to welcome Niki and describes this as one of her most severe spankings, which is easy to refute if you return to her LUPUS work. But we applaud his noble effort. We would agree this is one of her best works, and long enough to ensure a thorough job.

The storyline: Niki’s boyfriend has sent her to him for punishment, and he wants documentary proof. She endangered whitewater rafters by carelessly ignoring fastening of safety straps. Niki wears a floral outfit, shorts and halter. Shoulder length hair. Dallas scolds her, insuring this will not be an ordinary spanking. “This will be a good one for you tonight.”

Dallas starts her off in his traditional posing–submissively positioned to wait in a corner, hands on head,  bottom bared by herself. After a wait, we follow her bottom into an adjacent room, where she bends over the odd padded trestle. “You are no novice to spanking. This is purely about punishment.”

Dallas begins strapping her bare bottom. He has her pass back the straps, three of them, a part of her submission. Varied red, purple, and white bruises, and tears. We’ll have to check back to see when we last saw Ms. Flynn cry. She reflexively twists and kicks up her legs to avoid the strap. Lots of facial shots. She admits she has been nervous about this visit “for weeks.” “15 more” with a huge strap, prison-style size.

And to conclude, Dallas could not resist taking her OTK for a very hard handspanking on her well-marked bottom, a bit of an additional shock to Niki. Dallas tells her the next visit would be three times worse. We can hope. They hug. Credits give a dedication to Ms. Flynn.


School Lessons – OOHTEEKAY

27 Jun

F/2f; time: 42 minutes

Another conventional schoolgirl spanking filmed in a small studio on ‘Spanking Street’ in Glasgow. ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ will be spanking students ‘Niki Flynn’ and ‘O’Connor’ in detention. She has attended to a number of pretty bottoms on this familiar classroom set, a non-inclusive list of a number we can remember–Emma Brown, Samantha Woodley, Dublin O’Brien.

The scene is one of the best-appointed classroom sets we have seen in the CP genre. A platform with a cluttered teacher’s desk, blackboard, school desks, wall maps, dunce stool. A rack on the wall holds a rug beater, straps, and canes. FIRMHAND did their nice classroom, as did Ivor Gold at REDSTRIPE. Every detail is correct here, and all the spanking ritual, hands-on-head, panties at half-mast, etc.

Gillian-Lancer strides back and forth on the platform lecturing on 18th century British industrialists. She will stop her intentionally tedious lecture to bring O’Connor and Flynn forward to be spanked OTK, first by hand, then a big dust brush, and then the cane, all to increasing squeals. The girls’ full white panties will go up and down. A buxom, older, and cosmetically improved Ms. Lancer is more formally attired here in gray suit, glasses, and heels, and is at her dour and menacing best.

O’Connor is another classic redheaded Irish  colleen. The Glaswegian producers have long coveted the pale skinned redhead. Niki’s hair is faint copper here, and still short, maybe remaining from that on-screen shearing at LUPUS in 2008.

Lancer has taken up a rod, the meaning of which is clear, to punctuate her lecture. The final punishment will be a caning. The girls, in turn, grab their ankles and take 6 strokes, very hard, with the little short sharp wrist shots this domme specializes in. Plenty of marks and wheals. In a touch of authenticity, that far buttock takes the brunt. Poor O’Connor gets confused, loses count, and earns an extra. Gillian Lancer could always be counted on for a severe and erotic performance. the intensity here could be compared to LUPUS, except for duration.

Dallas Spanks Hard – Collected #4

21 Jun

‘Austin Gets A First Ever Spanking’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A showgirl-type visits Dallas. She strips naked and is a real poser. An enhanced body. OTK, thong down, this athletic body will take a lot of spanking to subdue.

Austin is amused at the start, but as frequently happens at DSH, things get serious quickly and the banter ceases. Zoom on red and bruised bottom. Her nervous laughter is mixed with tears.

’Dallas Bare Bottom Walkaways’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Several of the CP film producers released complications of favorite scenes. To name a few, tears and faces from REALSPANKING, short spankings from MOONGLOW and NUWEST, slow motion or secret camera from FIRMHAND. Here, Dallas features the walking bare bottom, girls being taken to or from a spanking.

There are about 15 scenes. Dallas knew, as did other producers, that we like to watch buttocks sashaying across the set. He includes some of his favorite models, such as SamanthaWoodley and Sierra Salem.

‘Elexis Monroe (Savanna James) Disappearing Discipline’ (M/f; year: 2012; time: 26 minutes) Savanna is a figure model who has lost her self-discipline to keep going to the gym. She comes to Dallas for some motivation, and he has her confirm for the camera that this means bare bottom spanking. First some corner time.

After a long lecture, she goes OTK and is soon squealing. Dallas eventually takes down her jeans and then full pink panties. She seems genuinely surprised by Dallas’  intensity. “Oh, my God,” etc. Her red face helps convince. “Guess what time it is, bare bottom time.”

Dallas shifts to two  paddles; Savannah is actually begging him to stop. She jerks at each smack. Lots of talk, back to the corner bare bottom. Then some she apples some ice cubes on the couch to cool herself down.   As she rolls around, she gives us some very revealing pussy looks.

‘Elexis Monroe’ (cont) (M/f; year: 2012; time: 38 minutes)  Another long film with this model. She comes in from the pool in a white bikini, bottoms mostly down. Dallas promises her a harder spanking than she has had to date. She kneels erect on a footstool in front of the fireplace, hands on head, bikini down, in Dallas’ usual contemplative posture. She must cross her ankles, so that  only one setoff toes is available to keep her balance.

Elexis stands and removes her bikini. She is a figure model, and fully shaved. The OTK spanking begins, a lot of talk, tears. When she kneels again, there are bruise patterns. Some aloe gel is applied, she mugs for the camera. This was not so bad.

’Katie’s Hotel Desk Discipline’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) In praise of slightly more mature bottoms. Auburn haired Katie has been performing poorly at her hotel job, so Dallas will correct that. He takes her by her ear to a corner in the next room. There is some confusion and directorial prompts seen.

Dallas  orders her to pull up her dress. “Are you serious?” But Katie is not wearing any panties. She will stand like this in the breeze before the spanking begins. There are alternate takes of Katie being marched by the ear, offering a shaved frontal. A nice OTK spanking, rear and facials mixed.

Back to the corner, pink bottom. Dallas offers a discarded take, where Katie’s husband, a spectator, can be seen in a reflection. More alternate takes, equipment in the shot, and a female cameraperson. She is nicely bruised finally. Dallas wants her bare bottom for 15 minutes, then back to work.

‘Lissa’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) Standard stuff from DALLAS. We were attracted by length, which means variety,  and a pretty girl. Brunette Lissa reports to Dallas. She is an employee who has failed in her work—apparently filling out mail orders for spanking films.

He makes her stand at the door and raise her skirt. No panties. “I have to punish you.” “I don’t want to be spanked.” He asks to “disrobe,” so elegant, coming from arguably the most severe spanker in his era. She has a modest tramp stamp and pubic fuzz. Nice nude posing. “What the fuck is going on? I did nothing.” OTK  naked, her bottom turns pink grapefruit. Because she is so photogenic, she gets more bottom closeups and facials.

You have to admire Dallas for not sticking a few fingers between her legs. Back to the door, hands on head. Nice camera hold.

‘Mia Stone Gets First Ever Spanking’ (M/f; time: 26 minutes) A slightly older brunette has contacted Dallas through his website for a spanking experience. Might be our imagination, but Dallas seems to be selecting older models as he himself ages. Humiliation is part of the deal. Mia stands, drops her jeans and panties, hands on head, pondering anticipation time.

OTK, she will be watching the egg timer. Dallas first applies aloe, telling Mia it increases the sting. She is spanked in 3-minute segments. He warns her that the spanking on her white bottom versus her sunburned thighs will be different. Her bottom and thighs take on various hues. As she moves around, she is careful to cover her modesty.

‘Model’s Mother- Severely Spanked’ (M/f; year: 2016; time: 40 minutes) Dallas has been an equal-opportunity spanker—all sizes and shapes, races, ages. Here he is spanking an older blonde, ‘Anne,’ the mother of one of DSH’s early models, ‘Siena.’

Anne sits for the typical long scold and explanation. She is then instructed to strip down to bra, panties, and pantyhose and take the official position at the mantel. After the normal anticipatory presentation, she pulls down her panties and bends forward for more display,

Dallas enters the shot, takes her OTK, panties down, for a long handspanking.

Back to the mantel, panties down, bottom very  red. He has her lie on his padded bench, he selects his implements and puts them in her face. He uses several straps, she is reduced to tears, but she hangs in. Back to the mantel for presentation.

The woman dresses and leaves. A dog barks, the next appointment has arrived.

“Multiple Implements -Sierra Salem’ (M/f; year: 2008; time: 20 minutes) Sierra is loosely tied down to  the bench in Dallas’  living room, bottom high, waiting for him. She whines about the bondage, but in such style that anyone would reach for the nearest paddle. Dallas will be spanking her at length, 5 strokes from each of a series of implements. In this first segment–a paddle, long strap, bath brush, white strap, and spoon. She kicks and begs, maybe some tears.

In the second segment, Dallas will use a long thin strap, which Sierra doesn’t like and asks him to go slowly. He demands she declare: “I’m going to be a good girlfriend.” A heavy strap next; then she can choose, which first, a paddle or a strap? She wants just one. Dallas uses the Spencer paddle–yet another illustration of his reputation as a daunting spanker. A doubled strap is last–Sierra’s bottom is cranberry-red by now. She cringes when he dances his fingers on her buttocks.

‘Paddles From Hell 1’ (M/f; time: 16 minutes) Six paddling scenes, which look like discards from existing films. There are some technical flaws which probably made Dallas reject the scene, but the roaring paddlings are nonetheless very entertaining.

Four minutes of Amelia Jane Rutherford in her Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit. She struggles through paddling with various implements.

The naked girl standing in a bucket of water. Dallas wets her bottom as he paddles.

Bend-over, jeans and panties down, fierce; two more rocking paddlings.

And Samantha Woodley for 4 minutes, struggling under a paddle in just her bra.

‘Paige (Annabel Lee)'(M/f; time: 24 minutes) DSH advertises this as a “lost episode,” which is perplexing, because it is one of his more entertaining spankings. After the roasting Paige gets, maybe she challenged the release of the segment.

Paige arrives at a hotel door. She is a small and average brunette, not a showgirl or celebrity. Dallas introduces himself as a “professional disciplinarian.” She has been charged with DUI. She is going to get a “good old-fashioned spanking” rather than a jail sentence. When she laughs, “Think it’s funny?” Shje learns to say “sir.” Dallas explains that she is unlucky that DUI is one of his pet peeves.

Following DSH formula, he sits her on the couch and explains the spanking procedure. “Fully bare for the punishment…humiliation is part of it…spanked like a 5 year old.”

Again, following formula, Paige is placed in a corner, hands on head, “butt out,” to think about what’s going to happen. After a bit, “Now, everything off.”  A rather adolescent body we see, except for a sensational bottom.

The formulaic DSH spankings begin. First, naked, flat on the couch for an OTK handspanking. Paige seems shocked by Dallas’ style. She will be gasping and in tears from here on, doubling our puzzlement as to why this film wasn’t released earlier.

OTK on a chair for a black paddle, flat on the table for a series of paddles and straps laid out for her to watch them be selected one by one. Her bottom quickly turns an autumn McIntosh red, and bruises accrue. Tears all the way, and it would seem Dallas gives her rest periods. He explains that he is a “contractual spanker,” and that despite her suffering at this impressive punishment, he must complete the required regimen he was hired for.

‘Renee’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) A little brunette enters Dallas’ place, stands at the door, then strips naked, as girls are required to do here. She has shaved her pubic hair into a cunning little landing strip. Dallas gives her one of his standard spankings on the couch, reaffirming his reputation. Good bruises.

Renee presents a nice frontal before she returns to the door, bare bottom.

‘Snow and the Straps’ (M/f; year: 2005; time: 17 minutes) Brunette ‘Snow,’ another perfect CP model, lies over a bed. Dallas spanks her with a wooden spoon and several different straps. Tears, red face, the camera exploits her theatrical ‘Betty Page’ look.

‘Snow’ Room Service’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) Snow plays a room service waitress in an actual story, not just a spanking in Dallas’  studio. She is delivering food on a cart and swipes a few liquor bottles from the mini-bar. He catches her and sits her down for a lecture, which doesn’t seem to impress.

Dallas grabs her by the ear and sticks her in the corner, in his style. She must remove her skirt. He drags her again by the ear to an OTK position and begins spanking on her black panties, which he soon pulls down. Very read bottom and very red face, back to the corner.

After a FADE, the Spencer paddle, bending over; stand for the bath brush, which produces the round bruises. And he finishes with a flurry which sets her howling.

‘Summer: special college girl’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes, year: 2016) Standard stuff from Dallas. A pretty blond model has one of those soaring bottoms so prized in these films. The spanking she is receiving continues here. She lies on her stomach on a daybed, where the camera can catch her face and her full body.

Dallas is giving her a ‘tuck-in,’ with a hairbrush. He pulls down her pants, a bit of work over her glorious buttocks. Her bottom is very red, bruised from last night, and matching the distressed look on her face.

Dallas begins with his hand, and it stings immediately. He describes the “blistering” appearing on her bottom and how it comes to be. At the end of this spanking, he will treat her with aloe gel, whose salutary aspects he describes to the camera. Too bad the manufacturers of these products couldn’t use him as an endorsement. His histrionics elicit giggles from Summer. He tucks her in for the night naked. Is there another sequel for the next morning?

‘Sydni’ (M/f; time: 17 minutes) Graphics tell us ‘Sydni’ is a ‘tough Australian girl’ sent to Dallas for some correction. She is a very dramatic and tall brunette, well endowed top and bottom.

Dallas initiates her immediately and has her strip naked in the corner. She removes a white top, cutoff denim skirt, and dark blue panties. “Hands on your head…elbows out.”

He takes her OTK, totally naked. “Time to blister this Australian ass.”
It is a beautiful soaring bottom on his lap, very distracting. She struggles just a little as he turns it rosy pink with bruises.

“On to some paddling.” She gets a rest. The graphic says she hated the paddle.

Another graphic reads: “What was in store as I lay her on the table?” Syndi’s bottom rises majestically over pillows as Dallas goes to work with several straps, a razor strop, then the Spencer paddle. One of his great spankings, and about as hard as he goes, and there are many. “This is one party girl who has learned her lesson…I trust you won’t be back, right?”

She is positioned naked for one hour. The graphic reports she walked stiffly to her car. Maybe like one of those girls after a LUPUS wild party.

‘Sydni-Aussie Girl on the Run’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) A film which may have been released later, featuring this stunning Australian girl. Dallas scolds her in a face-to-face on the couch, then sends her to the corner to assume the DSH posture. Top off, skirt and panties off.

An OTK spanking, naked on the couch. She flinches at the very first smack. Some different angles here.

‘A borrower’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) A DSH model we need to track back and identify. Dallas parks her bare bottom at the wall. It seems she has been borrowing things from him and that punishment is warranted. She sits bare on a stool while he lectures.

Dallas takes her OTK, and first spreads some oil on her bottom. He explains that this is a special formula of his aloe, created by his assistant Sabrina, which will create greater sting.

The girl jumps at his hard handspanking. Next a wood paddle, and typically hard. He shows her a clear plastic lexan paddle he just received in the mail. She bends over for that and is quite surprised at how hard Dallas hits.

’Tiki’s Extreme Punishment in Front of a Dozen People’  (M/f: time: 14 minutes) Dallas does not do much to convince us there actually are spectators, no laughter, no row of men’s shoes, gimmicks from old CP films. Tiki is an older model, a blonde with a bikini tan. She laughs out loud at Dallas’ dialogue. She shouldn’t laugh in a disciplinarian’s face.

Cut- Kiki is bent over an easy chair. She is going to get the ‘single belt’ from Dallas’ armory. He starts on her jeans, prototypically hard, and she yelps. She must drop her jeans—a pale white bottom and a thong. Leather whip next, mild. She lies over the chair for a bigger strap, thong down. Dallas applies his cream.

‘When a Stranger Spanks’ (M/f; year: 2011; time: 13 minutes) Features ‘Vivian Sweet,’ Not sure what the title means. Vivian is bent over a chair and the spanking is already underway. Red bottom.

There is a flashback of Vivian being spanked at school. Back to the present, Vivian is bent over an antique school desk. Dallas shows her the straps he will use, big ones, whose tips cause that far-buttock bruising. Vivian is one of those models whose curly hair is just the length it can’t be collected off her face. Dallas does what he can to help keep her face clear.

Girls Boarding School – Assorted

21 Jun

More intercepts; the product is consistent–the girls are very attractive, the spankings are hard enough to entertain, and the production values are perfect.

‘Helen’s Correction’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Headmaster Tom confronts one of his regular models. Helen has been spanked before–there is nothing unexpected coming for her here. She is scolded and left while Tom goes for his implements.

When he returns he gins up some frustration; Helen was to have removed her skirt and panties. She now does so, unashamed. Tom has had her naked before. He begins spanking her OTK.

After a dissolve. Helen is kneeling up on a chair. Tom paddles her, very hard, producing a variety of bruises including the round splatter pattern associated with a wood paddle. A few tears.

‘Never Steal Again’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Headmaster Tom discovers that someone has rifled his desk. He immediately shouts upstairs: “Alice!” A tall, sexy blonde appears, in cutoff top and warmup pants. She’s going to be punished. She is sent to her room, where she knows to prepare herself–she takes off her pants and panties, and waits by her bed, hands-on-head. A pale, clear bottom. GBS always excelled in these scenes of submissive surrender by the girls at the school.

Tom arrives and gives her a quick caning. He was not as careful as might have been with that far buttock.

‘Sanna -Playing a Prank’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Brunette schoolgirl ‘Sanna’ changes the code on a door lock, so that Tom can’t get in and he misses a call on the school budget.

“You think that’s funny? I’ll show you what’s funny.” After a dissolve, Sanna has stripped below the waist and faces us, hands on head. There is plenty inside her blouse too, but that is not for today.

Tom show her three implements he will use–a rattan rugbeater, a tawse, and a bundle of birches. Sanna screams through the three spankings. And she has a thoroughly red bottom already. The spankings are filmed and repeated from rear closeup, reaction CAM shot from near the floor, and a more distant rear shot. From some reason, Sanna screams most from the rugbeater.

Holly’s Severe Caning -REALSPANKINGS

21 Jun

M/f; time: 7 minutes

A sort of technical exercise, filmed from several angles and the segments repeated. Michael Masterson has set up equipment so that Holly can lie on pillows and watch a monitor of the cameras filming her caning.

She has already been spanked, and her bottom is the authentic blotchy-red that RSN professes. Before the caning begins, he shows her how the camera can zoom “on your vagina.” Masterson canes her hard and very quickly. About 25 strokes, and Holly catches her breath from the first.

For the last six, “Tell me when you are ready.” She laughs nervously and builds the courage. Masterson adds the special last stroke.