5 Jun

M/f; time: 26 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ works as a hotel maid. She has gone through a guest’s luggage and put on some lingerie she found. Guests ‘Sarah Gregory’ and ‘Johnny Lake’ catch her. This ‘maid’ theme is found in CP films. It sets up a spanking in a simple setting, and for plausible reasons.

Amelia is almost entirely naked in the outfit. Nothing is left to the imagination, to use the cliché. Johnny asks about her immigration status and threatens to call hotel security. Amelia is begging. She’ll do ‘anything.’  Sarah Gregory’s eyebrows arch and her nostrils flare. “Anything?”

Sarah takes Amelia OTK; the differences in their heights is remarkable. Sarah lowers the G-string, just for the thrill. A long and conventional spanking, Amelia squawks. Johnny takes his turn.

After a FADE, Amelia is lying face down on the bed. Sarah has a Spencer strap. “Smell it.” We can see, this couple is having their fun with helpless Amelia. If they travel with naughty disposable lingerie and straps, they are spankos. In this scenario, Sarah can get Johnny turned on without getting a spanking herself.  The couple watches closely as Amelia slowly dresses and leaves.


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