Amelia Jane at St Justs – ENGLISHSPANKERS

8 Jun

F/f; time: 16 minutes

Another STRANDVIDEO from Spain. ‘Sarah Stern’ narrates as the headmistress of St. Justs’ School. Amelia sits with her, the parent of a naughty student. Ms. Rutherford is gravitating to these next-generation roles. Sarah threatens to dismiss the child, and of course Amelia does not want her daughter ‘s record so noted. It would be “anathema.” Only a British film!

The headmistress has learned that a thorough spanking of a mother tends to have salutary effects on a naughty daughter. Sounds like a plan. Amelia goes OTK. “Perhaps we should have your little snowflake in to watch.” This in fact happens in other films on this theme, CALSTAR, MISSMARCHONT, REDSTRIPE, MOONGLOW, where a naked daughter cowers in the shot, before or after her own turn.

Amelia’s comes up; she is wearing transparent white panties, as if she had other plans today. Amelia squawks loudly through the spanking, accusing the headmistress of sexual assault. Her affront is doubled when the headmistress tells her the spanking is being filmed. “That’s  a bridge too far.”

The headmistress: “I’m not sure this is working.” A set up for  sequel. Amelia has to display her bottom at the fireplace, British-style.


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