Caned in Her Raincoat – SPANKINGSARAH

8 Jun

F/f; time: 17 minutes

Another film with ‘Sarah Stern’ at STRANDVIDEO and ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ on the ‘raincoat’ theme. The two women are discussing spanking and caning on video. Amelia says the video she made and posted with spanking and raincoats was very popular.

Amelia is wearing a long purple latex or plastic coat. Sarah can’t resist feeling her body through the coat. Amelia demonstrates how the coat can be ripped open, the sound that it makes as the Velcro fasteners are severed. And we see, she is wearing nothing but a garter belt and stockings under the coat, our kind of flasher. She wonders what thrill her fans get out of this.

The ladies discuss the scenario they will use. “I’m going to be a very cross lady….and you look all worried.” The story starts, the raincoat is ripped off. Amelia bends over for a warmup handspanking, she is essentially naked. Sarah flourishes a cane. That it is a thick one is not lost on Amelia.

She takes twelve strokes, slowly, a lot of talk in between. Groups of white lines develop on her bottom. Amelia does not like it that Sarah tends to strike the same spot more than once. They have the obligatory discussion of what the last stroke should be. Very sexy stuff.

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