Severe Singapore Judicial Canings – AAA SPANKING

9 Jun

MF/2f; time: 50 minutes

A film made by ‘Sarah Gregory’ by one of her affiliates in her ‘SG Group.’ It is a most entertaining interpretation of the Singapore punishment, done with an intensity reminiscent of the good old days at LUPUS/RIGIDEAST.

Sarah Gregory herself plays a nurse/administrator who will attend the judicial punishments. Blond ‘Lily Swan’  and brunette ‘Elle Bea’ have been convicted of some weapons laws and will be punished. They sit waiting, overhearing and wincing at the sounds of a caning underway.

Sarah enters, dressed in nurse-white and armed with a clipboard. “Punishment will be on the bare backside, you know that, don’t you?” The girls are ordered to strip, which they do quickly, shorts and tops off, no underwear.

Sarah gives each shivering naked girl a little exam–pulse, blood pressure, oral temperature, heart rate. She can’t prevent a little smile on her face at the girls’ apprehension  and elevated body vitals. “Nervous?” “No.” “It’s really going to hurt.” “Wait, and enter the punishment room when your name is called.”

“Bea!” The brunette enters the room, looking delightfully petrified; ‘Johnny Lake’ stands by with a cane. Sarah reads out the charges then ties Elle by wrists and ankles to a tall wood trestle. Her thighs are spread and her bare bottom is waist-high. Sarah cannot resist frequent little smiles of pleasure. This is in her sweet spot for CP film-making.

“12 strokes of the rattan on your naked buttocks.” It is no cane, but more of a dowel stick, maybe a quarter-inch diameter. Sarah will call out ‘Stroke!” and Lake will carefully measure and whack his target. Elle gasps from the first. The first view is a closeup rear, plenty to see between her thighs. The caning is repeated in entirety from a side view. Elle is released and returns to the room with naked Lily, who is appalled by the condition of her bottom.

“Swan!” Charges and sentence read, 24 strokes for her. “Let’s see what you’ve got,” says a thoughtless Lily. Not a wise remark when you stand buck naked in front of a spanking trestle. Same process, massive marks and welts, including some nasty strokes at her buttocks crease and down her thighs. Rear and side views.

Sarah takes the girls by the hand to the medical room, where she spreads salve on their bottoms.

Exquisite, slow, and authentic punishment. Nervous girls, demonic punishers. Maybe a bit more institutional set might have added something. Maybe this was a series. We remind our readers again of the book “Shades of Singapore,” where each chapter is a judicial caning.


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