13 Jun

M/f; time: 16 minutes

A film which comes in two segments, both reviewed here. A storyline used several times in the CP genre: a guy puts an advertisement in the paper enticing girls to submit to his control.

Two sleazy guys (‘London Tanner’  and ‘Mr. Stern’) chuckle over the scam they have created. One guy has run an ad looking for a long-lost niece to distribute an inheritance. He intends to quiz the applicant as to her youthful fetishes to ascertain her legitimacy. He will  then be able to trick the girls into spanking them.

The first respondent in none other than ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ whose statuesque beauty next eto this scuzzy guy is in stark contrast. She is in the seduction mode, to convince this ‘uncle’ she is the niece. He deflects those advances in favor of spanking.

‘Later That Day’: Amelia plays corny sadness that her ‘uncle’ is dying, which will trigger the inheritance. As the guy maneuvers her toward a spanking, he describes ‘idiosyncracies’ she manifested as a child. When Amelia determines what he wants, she admits she liked to be spanked. Uncle needs to verify that.

He takes her OTK, her usual soaring bottom. He spanks on her flower-print panties. She pretends to like it, and so does not protest when he pulls her panties down. He advises her that he remembers her predilection for the razor strop. Amelia feigns agreement.

The second part of the story (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Amelia has spent the night at her ‘uncle’s’ place. Thy guy here is played by the second male actor. We’d like to think the two actors traded opportunities to access the most famous bottom in the business.

‘Uncle’  wakes up Amelia; she slept in a man’s pajamas. He has brought a razor strop and the Will box. He is going to give a confirmatory strapping, then go over the will with her. He helps her out of bed and assists her in bending over its foot, pajama bottoms down. No panties. Amelia takes a firm strapping, well filmed here. It is another example of her glorious and breathtaking bottom perfectly positioned and whipped.

It turns out the Will is missing from the box. Uncle will call Amelia in a few days when he gets it from the solicitor. Amelia realizes she has been had. A cute story which could have been made into a short series.

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