Caught Smoking – RAVENHILL

14 Jun

F/2f; time: 30 minutes

We are  not sure this is a RAVENHILL, it has some of the signs–setting at ‘Wentworth Academy,’ terrible American acting, and strong spanking ideas.

Two girls chat under a tree. The blonde has been caught smoking and must soon report to the dean, ‘Elizabeth Easton,’ where a spanking is most probable. The brunette describes that experience and her spankings, permitting some flashbacks. Several spankings, hard enough to cause bruising. We’re not sure how RAVENHILL arranged a clear bottom for each spanking.

‘Miss Black’ the blonde reports to the dean. After a brief scolding she goes OTK and the dean pulls down her panties right off. Hard spanking, and down the thighs. She is shown the school paddle and must stand at the wall. She is then paddled over a desk, a brief scene. Nasty looking homemade paddle seen in other films.

RAVENHILL can make up for clunky performances with surprisingly vigorous spankings and naughty storylines.

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