Amateur CP Films

21 Jun

There are many, and we generally avoid them. They are usually tepid, not to mention cheaply made, repetitive and unimaginative. We are going to review a few we have stumbled upon which just happened to suit our fancy. Every fetish iteration is out there. Some spankos have made films which are as good as any of the big producers, except for production quality. An exhaustive examination is impossible. And most have no titles, so good luck finding them. For the fun of it, we’ll try to make these ‘reviews’ more graphic.

‘Cruel spanking’ (F/f; time: 47 minutes) Here is a title which, to be succinct, understates the case. An older guardian or aunt will whale the bejesus out of a younger girl, give what can only be called a punitive enema, then cornhole her with a special implement we have never seen before.

The scene is someone’s basement, with the windows blocked with tarp. The one camera won’t move very much, and the lighting and blocking are poor. But the action is worthy of LUPUS or MOOD.

First comes a strapping on the girl’s skirt. Her panties come down, a whip is next.

Next, the buxom aunt will paddle the girl, the hardest strokes we think we have ever seen, true cricket bat swings from the shoulder. The girl struggles to avoid, but she can’t. The older girl waits with the paddle until the girl’s bottom surges back into range. Her panties are at her thighs. Because the girl is so elusive, the paddle strikes erratically.

The well-stacked aunt strips to bra and G-string. A portable potty has now appeared on the set. The girl kneels on the bed and a double-balloon nozzle is inserted roughly with no lube or preparation. The aunt pumps up the retention balloons and the enema proceeds. The poor camera angles and absence of closeup could easily have allowed this action to be faked, but it had its effect on us.

The girl sits on the potty with its plastic bag, then the ferocious paddling continues. The aunt will now penetrate the girl with what looks like a corncob on a two foot stick. Just where of two places she sticks it is difficult to see, but again, works for us. We are not aficionados of BDSM films, but this is a first for us with this tool.

And the paddling continues, very rough, the aunt is almost bursting out of her bra and G-string. The little girl is well bruised by this point.

After all this, the aunt wants more. She lies on her back and gets an oral job from the girl. Again poor camera detail. Then the young girl is allowed to masturbate. Believe it or not, the film ends with more paddling, the hardest yet, swung with two hands from shoulder height.

‘Enema bandit‘ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) Not the original ‘Enema Bandit’ film, but an amateur variation of it worth a moment if this is your thing. A naked girl kneels on a bed and is being given an enema from a ski-masked guy. Thong down, her anus is lubed, no dialogue, just moaning as his fingers make the preparations.

In with the nozzle, steady moaning, the guy keeps fiddling with the nozzle, nice. He smacks her bottom as the water flows. Zoom in. Not the perfect lighting of a LUPUS enema, but very good.

The girl is allowed to scramble to the bathroom. Next, she gets an OTK spanking in the kitchen, with the requisite implements. No faces or dialogue. We loved the little white socks..

‘Gloria in the office‘ (M/f; time:29 minutes) This might not be an amateur film, but the production values and setting suggest so. The acting is better. What happens here is what you’d think would occur more–a girl gets in trouble at the office, she gets a bare bottom caning, and she gives the boss a blow job to try to distract and cool him down.

The boss calls Gloria in. She is an older attractive blonde, a plausible employee, and not a Las Vegas model making a few bucks.She has siphoned off some deposits, totaling $10,000, with the predictable excuse that she intended to replace the money. Sounds like what we read with small businesses with a casino in town.

The boss explains, he straightened his daughter out with a spanking, actually a whipping with switches. “You’re kidding…you’re going to spank me?” “Actually, more than that,” says the boss. He shows her the switch bundle, three or four birch twigs. “Oh, no. That’s scary.”

Gloria begins to undress. As the boss takes her dress, he decides, “Might as well get everything off…getting frightened, girl?” Nice intimidation here, which is why this might not be an amateur film.

Now naked, Gloria kneels on a pillow. The boss starts with the switches, and Gloria begins to gasp and make desperate little sounds which are uncommon in CP films. “You get me turned on…let me show you.” We don’t see his boner, but she does. “Want me to suck it?” She does. “Oh, you’re better at that than your job.” The guy is surely calculating just how much he can get for $10,000.

He stops the blowjob and returns to the switching. Little cries, she reflexively wipes tears, and kicks her feet. Crude camera work but very sexy. The switching is developing the characteristic marks, with little skin pops at the tip ends of the twigs. And the boss has switched sides to even out the very impressive whipping.

His cock is hanging out of his pants. Gloria tries: “Would you like me to….?” Yes, he would. “You’re sucking better…the harder you whip a girl’s bottom, the better she is.” But he stops her again–she wants to keep going.

He will lower the aim of his strokes, “right where a girl is most sensitive,” and Gloria does not like it at all.

More sucking. “Want me to give you a hundred?…suck harder.” He switches her bottom while she sucks, and she jerks on each stroke. He stops her again. “I don’t want to cum or I’ll be too weak to do this more.”

More switching and sucking and stroke counting. This boss is the Devil. With a spray bottle he spritzes her bottom, which makes Gloria jump. There must be a film somewhere where someone uses rubbing alcohol for this. Her bottom is fully engulfed, with groups of skin pops all over.

“Have you learned your lesson?” She kneels naked in front of him. She is going to have monthly sessions for six months. She is getting off lightly. To make sure she got the message, he takes her OTK. She must be very sore.

Back kneeling, she opens his pants. “Get back on here….that’s a good girl.” He can finish now.

‘In the washroom’ (M/f; time: 24 minutes) Minimal budget here, maybe some lighting. A pretty brunette is sorting at the washer/dryer in work space, when she finds a very naughty BandD leather harness outfit in the dryer. She is intrigued and amused, but not completely puzzled.

Her ‘father’ catches her. He is going to spank her. She is wearing a simple dress and a household apron. The guy has her bend over and begins spanking her on white panties. All we will see of him is an arm reaching through hanging laundry. The girl seems vaguely amused.

Panties down, she is encouraged to pose. “Open your legs. Let’s see what you’ve got.” “Dad, you sure this is right?”

He pries at her buttocks and explores her pussy. After more spanking, the girl must strip naked and put on the harness outfit. Your first reaction–got to get one of those. She is reticent about it, but very hot. The guy tweaks nipple rings she wears.

More spanking at the washer. She jumps around a bit, showing the first signs this might be hurting. Several cameras have been used here, or stoppage and splicing. A bit ambitious for an amateur, but nicely done.

At the conclusion, the girl removes the harness and sits naked on the washer, playing with herself and maybe enjoying the vibration of the machine.


‘OTK at the fireplace’ (M/f; time: 23 minutes) A very young brunette sits on a tufted settee in front of a fireplace, hanging her head, being scolded by a bearded guy in a black cowboy head, a menacing looking gent who must have a stash of NUWEST films at home. The little actress does a nice job of suggesting she knows what is coming. Is this amateur?–the lighting, focus, sound, and camera angles are all inconsistent.

The guy takes her OTK and begins a  long, and very hard handspanking. And fast, one smack per second for a while. There was no discussion between these two about pussyfooting through this scene. After a minute or so, the girl begins to struggle.

The girl climbs off and gets a paddle for him, a rectangular board with holes cut in the size of small saucers. Not your conventi0nal Spencer. But she hates it. Her panties are still in place, but this hurts more. He paddles even faster.

The sleazy cowboy returns to handspanking and concentrates on her thighs until she gets the message and stops squirming. She takes her panties down for him and stretches them tight at her knees. Back to the Spencer, now on the bare-she screams. And some to the thighs.

The girl is sent to stand at the wall; nice unhappy face, despite the poor lighting. He smacks her while she stands.

OTK again for a conventional paddle, hard and fast. Her panties have worked their way to the girl’s ankles. Camera knows how sexy this is. In facial shots, we see her boobs bouncing in her blouse, but the girl will keep her clothes on in this film.

The girl is seen at a sink, soaking her panties. Whimpering, tears. If she had to put them on wet, we didn’t see it.

A new spanking, at the settee again, the girl wearing pink panties and a top. More handspanking, and the cowboy uses a looped belt on her panties. Hug to conclude.

‘The Reason’ (3M/f; time: 20 minutes) We hope you share our enjoyment of fantasy experiences in hotel and motel settings. A redhead credited as ‘Raven Davis’ walks apprehensively down a hotel corridor and knocks at a room door. In a fast dissolve, she is inside, her dress off, and she is being spanked OTK in just bra and panties. She was sent here for punishment?

Her thong comes down, a lot of facials and caressing. She is finished, she stands and rubs.

Another scene with the same girl. She knocks at another door and is soon having wine with a faceless female. She is soon being spanked again, and her clothes come off piece by piece. A great body. Some Lesbian play. This extension of the fantasy suggests she is for hire.

And the third scenario, Raven reports to another hotel room and is soon naked and bent  over the bed. This segment pushes the envelope. A faceless male lubricates her anus and then inserts a thermometer which must be a plastic rod about 18″ long. We have often wondered why one of the more enterprising pornographers didn’t do this. In stages, the guy must get the thing in 8 0r 9 inches, while Raven squirms and adjusts.

The guy concludes with several paddles while she is gagged.


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