28 Jun

Some rather silly performances coming out of the British CP group, Sarah Gregory, John Osborne, et al. Probably in the era of HIDEFSPANKING and AAASPANKING. Maybe we have become jaded or just seen too much of Ms. Rutherford, but we would have liked her to be a bit more inventive here. We like it when she is taken out of a cell and marched to the X-cross; or when a police officer wants her pants down; or when her employer offers her the dreaded choice.

‘Amelia Learns a Lesson’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford wears a geeen TITANS uniform. Zoe Page is in charge of the squad. There is a long list of offenses committed by Amelia-all about being self-centered. Zoe is going to spank her, takes her OTK, and is shocked that, along with everything else she is not wearing panties. A performing cheerleader with her bottom in the breeze!

Conventional spanking. Some bruising. Zoe takes up a hairbrush. “God damn!” objects Amelia. “Hairbrushes are not for bottoms.” Amelia has to sing out her faultless during the spanking. Amelia is made to kneel up on the couch and wait until Zoe returns. She looks back at her bottom in dismay, the posing featured always. She feels ruined. “I had so many plans for it,” she moans. We’d say plans accomplished.

Cheer Squad Discipline 1‘ (2M/9f; time: 38 minutes) The flagship video for this series. Nine credited CP actresses, including ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ ‘Stevie Rose,’ ‘Kajira,’ and other ladies familiar to the spanko community. It is a simple story; two coaches have brought their recalcitrant cheer squads together for some group discipline. The scenario may please cheerleader fans. We’d have to say, though, that the spankings will pale in comparison to LUPUS’  ‘Crime at St. Thomas School’ and several MOOD films with multiple bottoms.

The nine girls are appropriately shocked when they hear “expulsion or discipline,” and that means spanking. Amelia has the most lines. She looms almost a foot taller than the girls, and of course her perfect bottom is equally proportioned.

Coaches ‘Johnny Lake’ and ‘John Osborne’ position benches and begin spanking their own girls in turn. Amelia is taken first, her squawk setting the standard. Bare bottoms are not unusual in this group. After the girls are given their turn, they stand in the shot, pants down, until we have a row of 9 bare bottoms. Because there is an odd number of girls, both men spank ‘Skyler.’

The paddle is used for the second part, and it is a little disappointing, some virtually faux strokes. But there is plenty to look at on the screen, and Amelia keeps popping off, no restraining her.

Clueless Cheerleader‘ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford is on a college scholarship to the USA. Her cheerleading coach ‘Sarah Gregory’ is shocked Amelia has bought her own uniform and gear. “This looks like a stripper outfit.” The blue satin panties, quite inadequate for the task, especially bother Ms. Gregory.

Amelia hasn’t read the manual, doesn’t know the cheers, nothing. Sarah strips off the offending panties. A sing-song “Sorry!” is met with the CP staple “Sorry is not going to cut it.” Amelia kneels on a chair. The handspanking starts. “I don’t like it.” Mild stuff, hair off her face. Sarah uses fingernails on Amelia’s bottom, producing a shiver.

Sarah wants her naked. Objections evaporate on threat of a paddle. Naked Amelia, the big moment, as usual. Amelia must remain here alone, naked. “America is so strict! I wonder if the President spanked people.”

Dramatic Brat‘ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) The copyright date here is 2005; if the production date was close to that, Ms. Rutherford is about 38 years old here, and still credible as a cheerleader.

‘Joelle Barros’  is upset with Amelia because she insists on wearing a uniform of her choice, not the team uniform. Time for an attitude adjustment. “You’re going to get a spanking.” OTK, skirt up, green uniform panties. Amelia keeps reaching back, although Ms. Barros is disappointing as a spanker. “Hands down or I’ll go straight to the brush.”

Amelia stands to drop her own panties and returns to the OTK position. Hairbrush for that magnificent, high-arching bottom.

‘Indecent Behavior’ (M/f; year: 2005; time: 11 minutes) Coach ‘John Osborne’ is disappointed with Amelia, who is again out of the proper uniform. He is holding a paddle as he scolds her, and Amelia eyes it suspiciously. In addition to her dress, she was caught on camera peeing in the woods. That’s what the paddle is for.

OTK, white panties. Silly apologies. Bare bottom, the usual eye-popping closeups. Osborne pays more attention to her thighs here than normal. A sort paddling, bent over. Amelia keeps adjusting her hair off her face.

Sister’s Revenge’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Zoe Page and Amelia Jane Rutherford. More tepid stuff. When Zoe begs Amelia to let her join the cheerleading squad, Amelia is so  dismissive and insulting that sister Zoe is going to give her a spanking.

Simple stuff, Amelia goes OTK in her blue and white uniform for a loud, squawky and conventional bare bottom spanking. Zoe has a little black paddle at hand to add to the fun. The girls scuttle around so that left handed  Zoe is in position.

Stop Shush Spank‘ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Amelia sits on her too small brass bed, wearing her cheerleader uniform. ‘Robert Stone’ enters. Amelia is complaining about the reaction to her volunteer journalism on practices at her school. It seems that she is an exchange student in the U.S. from England, and that she has already refused to be spanked for her insulting writing, even though corporal punishment is authorized in the contract she signed.

So Stone wants her to stop talking, shush up, and listen to him. On behalf of the school, and his alma mater, he will do the spanking. He takes her OTK on the bed, red panties under her uniform. Standard spanking, panties down. Ms. Rutherford takes her classic pose on her haunches to look at her bottom after Stone leaves.

Winner Takes All’ (F/2f: time: 15 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford, Joelle Barros, and Sarah Gregory. More ineffectual spankings on this website. Joelle and Amelia, in cheerleader’s uniforms, argue. Sarah is the domme here, and she will settle things with a paddle. She paddles Joelle first, kind of silly, panties down. Amelia next, the same yellow panties come down. Both bare bottoms to the wall, where Sarah paddles them again,all mild.

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