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Christmas Pantomine – NORTHERNSPANKING

20 Jun

Large cast; time: 30 minutes

What were they thinking, our review notes say. ‘Amy Hunter’  as Goldilocks, ‘Dublin O’Brien’ as Cinderella, ‘Michael Stamp’ as Jack (beanstalk), ‘Jadie Reece’ as Little Red Riding Hood, ‘Paul Kennedy’ as Prince Charming, and ‘John Burger’ as Daddy Bear. This root canal is called ‘Goldilocks  and the Three Bare Bottoms.’

We can’t bring ourselves to detailing the story. Suffice to say, there is a silly story merging the fairy tales of the characters, where the girls get very insignificant spankings.

It’s Thigh Time You Pulled Your Weight – NORTHERNSPANKING

20 Jun

M/f; year: 2005; time: 9 minutes

‘Dublin O’Brien’ and ‘Paul Kennedy.’ A short spanking story, all in a bedroom. Kennedy is giving Dublin  a scolding. She is a house guest or some kind of relative, but not above the rules of the house.

Kennedy will cane her. Hands on the bed, white panties. Kenned begins to cane her on her thighs, unusual in the CP world. There are always wild ones, and some spillover after a vigorous bottom workout, but rarely so direct an attack. “I want it on my bottom,” whines Dublin. She is perfectly content to be spanked on the bottom. Kennedy is pleased with her discomfort. “See the difference?” He pulls her panties down but keeps going on the thighs.


20 Jun

M/2f; time: 22 minutes

‘Paul Rodgers’ with ‘Sarah Gregory’ and ‘Pandora Blake.’ This would be a conventional British schoolie spanking film but for the presence of two of the most respected and experienced CP stars of the era, both with bubble-butts–we hope they don’t take offense.

The girls wear perfect kit–maroon sweaters, white blouses, gray skirts, and knee socks. Rodgers is going to spank them both. Sarah is taken OTK first, skirt up, regulation full white knickers down, lovely stuff. After this first spanking, she kneels on a chair, bare bottom, and gives us just the slightest little naughty wiggle.

Pandora gets the same spanking. Next, both girls bend over for the cane, a memorable sight, these two CP-perfect bottoms. Sarah is especially salacious as she wriggles under the strokes.

Both are paddled, difficult to repeat how taken we are with these two bottoms.

Xerotics # 16

20 Jun

More from the XEROTICS stable.

‘Choirgirl Discipline’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) A blond girl in a red choir robe reports to a woman. She has been goofing off in choir practice, the Bishop is due next week, and the woman has an unmistakable gleam in her eye that here is an opportunity.

The teacher explains the bare bottom spanking procedure at the school. “I am going to teach you a lesson on that bare bottom of yours.” The girl has to face the bookcases and raise robe, skirt, and drop her panties. Here is an actress with a large birthmark on her left buttock. She should make friends with Emma Brown.

While she climbs OTK and on request adjusts her buttocks to the highest point, she begins apologizing. A long and uneventful bare bottom spanking.

‘Revenge’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Two schoolgirls, Sophie and Lucy, argue in a stream of cockney. One got spanked because of what the other girl did, and she is eager to show the resulting red bottom.

So the shorter brunette, with eyeglasses, is going to spank her friend until her friend’s bottom looks like her own. A standing spanking, white panties down, tramp stamp. The friend is surprised to see her girlfriend pull a paddle out of her bag. “Where did you get that?” The spanking concludes, mild stuff, a rosy punk achieved.

SG Discipline‘ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) A little blonde in gray schoolgirl kit is waiting at the wall. ‘Peters’ arrives. The girl has been sent to him for a spanking, “the second time in two weeks,” he notes. He is often given spanking chores in these XEROTICS films, and he excels.

The girl bends over a desk. Peters pulls her panties down and shows her the cane. He loves to ‘woosh,’ and she shivers when he does it. 7 hard strokes, and Peters notes that the girl’s sarcastic tone has changed.

Peters allows her to rub;  then she climbs up on a table and lies flat, showing us full puss in the move. About 10 more strokes here, with repeats.

The girl is sent to the wall, where she must pull her panties up and down a few times to suit Peters. He will have her remain there, to display “your vagina and bottom” to the rest of the class. And here we hear approaching voices.

SG Wank‘ (F; time: 5 minutes) A girl masturbates and uses a dildo in the concrete sitting room used often here. The crew must have had a few minutes before the end of the day.

Shameful Caned Bottom‘ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Curly blond ‘Zoe Montana’  reports to ‘Agean’ at detention. Full schoolgirl kit. She has been late again, and she was promised a caning if it happened again.

She bends over the desk, Agean pulls down her white panties, she struggles. After a warmup handspanking, he proceeds with almost 30 strokes of the cane shown, there are repeats. Zoe’s panties puddle at her shoes. Slow-motion is mixed in. Mild lines, no welts; Ms. Montana was around the CP business. She can take the cane.

‘Slippered on Stool’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) A girl waits, panties already down, for a spanking. Another girl enters, not much difference in age. The girl has to kneel on a stool and then bend forward until she can touch the floor. A precarious position not very practical if a roasting is in order. A slippering begins. But very erotic.

‘Peters’ enters–in his shaggy and unkempt stage. He scolds both girls, and we probably have here another occurrence of unauthorized punishment, but he just completes the slippering in this film.

Spanking Audition‘ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) ‘Miss Smith’ with ‘Heather Stanton’  and ‘Katie Leigh.’ The girls want to make a spanking movie and they need to be auditioned. There isn’t time to do it right here, and there is nothing like those ‘MOOD Castings.’

Miss Smith has the girls spank each other OTK. They are tentative and it is silly. Miss Smith shows them how, much harder, but there isn’t time to finish this.

Spank Me, Sir‘ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) A more chunky and mature ‘Peters’ is approached by a thin brunette schoolgirl. She wants to be spanked, she has a problem, too much masturbation. Peters is only too willing to oblige. “Take your skirt off.” Red panties.

“Take your knickers down…show me where you rub…is your vagina wet now?” Standard OTK spanking, the sexual talk is the unusual content here.

Special Slipper For Smoking‘ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) A very angry ‘jean Bradley’ with a blonde, maybe ‘Sarah.’ The girl has been caught smoking. “You need to be taight a lesson…my slipper across your backside.” Sarah was reading a copy of ‘Bizarre’ magazine, so she should be good with this.

Standard OTK spanking, white panties down.

Spellings and Spankings‘ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Girls in XEROTICS’ faux classroom. Blond Shay is given a spelling test, and when she misses virtually every word, “Multiple spankings, my dear,” from domme Miss Woos. But first, she has to pull her own panties down and wait in the corner.

Standard OTK spankings, revealing closeups, This plot would be fun on a larger stage in front of an audience.

Strapped After School‘ (F/f; time: 5 minutes) A simple uneventful spanking; a brunette will be punished by a woman who seems to be her mother. They are in a sort of cellar/utility room, always a good place for a spanking. Bend over, white panties down, for a handspanking and the strap.

Tara’s Test‘ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Brunette ‘Tara’ sits at a school desk, one of those one-piece metal and wood models. She is in the grasp of a male gym-type teacher. In the room are displayed a collection of straps and canes. He is going to give her a 15-minute general knowledge test, and he explains what scores she must achieve to escape the strap and the cane. Tara seems resigned.

The clock on the wall moves forward in a segue, a little touch not often bothered with in simple CP films. The teacher looks at the test. “My God….get in position.” Tara kneels on the desk chair, puts her feet through the back, and leans on the desk. The teacher warms her with a handspanking, panties down for the strap. And the cane.

Long scene of panties coming up and rubbing, and some repeats of her waiting bare bottom.

Thou Shalt Not Defile Thyself’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) ‘Agean’ catches a dark brunette masturbating in a chair. He wrestles her tight jeans down and takes her OTK. Panties down for a simple spanking.

Conclude with a hug and a grope, where he spreads her buttocks. He could have finished off what she started, but that is not XEROTICS.


14 Jun

MF/f; time: 17 minutes

Silly stuff, and too bad, because ‘Dublin O’Brien’  knew how to make spanking films. We have sought out her work, thus we fidget in front of this one.

Dublin is practicing ballet (she is no Amelia Jane Rutherford, at least on the dance floor).’James Walker’ comes to the door. She owes him 500 pounds for various things. She hasn’t got the money and is quite cavalier about it.

“I will take it out of your hide.” If it were us, we’d quickly arrange installment payments right here. Routine OTK, panties under a tutu down, mild stuff, and Ms. O’Brien has done so much better.

‘Lucy McLean’  brings him a paddle, which doesn’t make much more of an impression. He paddles her around the room. That would have been fun if she had less clothes on.

Caught Smoking – RAVENHILL

14 Jun

F/2f; time: 30 minutes

We are  not sure this is a RAVENHILL, it has some of the signs–setting at ‘Wentworth Academy,’ terrible American acting, and strong spanking ideas.

Two girls chat under a tree. The blonde has been caught smoking and must soon report to the dean, ‘Elizabeth Easton,’ where a spanking is most probable. The brunette describes that experience and her spankings, permitting some flashbacks. Several spankings, hard enough to cause bruising. We’re not sure how RAVENHILL arranged a clear bottom for each spanking.

‘Miss Black’ the blonde reports to the dean. After a brief scolding she goes OTK and the dean pulls down her panties right off. Hard spanking, and down the thighs. She is shown the school paddle and must stand at the wall. She is then paddled over a desk, a brief scene. Nasty looking homemade paddle seen in other films.

RAVENHILL can make up for clunky performances with surprisingly vigorous spankings and naughty storylines.

Schoolgirl’s Private Diary – NORTHERNSPANKING

14 Jun

F/f; time: 15 minutes

Silly stuff; ‘Niki Flynn’ catches ‘Adele Haze’ writing in her diary. Don’t know why that is offensive.

Niki first straps Adele on her palms, then spanks her with a sneaker, as she kneels on a chair. Niki does not look like she is into the part.


13 Jun

3M/2f;  year:2006; time: 28 minutes

Some of these NORTHERNSPANKING films are trifles; this one was very good; nothing unusual about the plot or concept; good acting, production, and punishment. ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ ‘Zena Stones,’ ‘Michael Stamp,’ and ‘John Bayer.’

Dublin and Zena are in the garret classroom NORTHERNSPANKING liked to use, a bit difficult for some camera angles, but easy to light and record. The girls sit at desks, no more than TV tables, but excellent if you want to open your thighs and flash some panty. The girls fail at simple sums at the blackboard.

The two men are off in this quiet classroom with these two nubile and slightly naughty girls. Why not take advantage of it? Stamp will spank Dublin first, OTK on her white panties. Then brunette Zena; Dublin watches and keeps her skirt down in front. The girls take turns kneeling on a chair for the strap.

In another scene, Stamp returns with another male, wearing academic robes, maybe the headmaster. He screams at the girls and they jump. Any girl would reach for the elastic  of her panties upon hearing this. The men are going to cane the girls.

Dublin first, over a desk, white panties down. About 15 strokes shown, maybe some repeats for all the canings, snappy shots enough to sting. Dublin is great when she twitches and moans.

Then Zena–we have not seen too much of her. She had many appearances at BARSANDSTRIPES. Dublin sits down (gingerly) to watch and makes some hand signals while Zena gets her 15 strokes. The headmaster assumes the gestures are offensive to him, so to punish Dublin more, he first doubles Zena’s dose–another 15 strokes. Dublin is brought back for another 15.

The girls have learned a lesson. No girl at this school should want to take classes in this hidden room. The girls work at the blackboard with their pants down.




13 Jun

2F/3f; year:2006; time: 17 minutes

‘Dublin O’Brien,’ ‘Jadie Reese,’ ‘Lucy McLean,’  and ‘Amy Hunter.’ Goofy schoolgirls. Amy lolls on the floor, making a mess. Dublin enters and gives her a spanking for it. Silly. Bare bottom.

Lucy McLean interrupts and has the authority to spank Dublin, which she does, handspanking and the cane. Mild stuff. As she always does, Dublin takes great care to keep her modesty covered.

Lucy straps both girls, Amy and Jadie, while Dublin is on hands and knees cleaning up.

But the pecking order is still more complicated. A male enters, Lucy is the target, and the film ends at the first woosh of the cane. Nothing much in this film, but three bottoms.


13 Jun

F/f; time: 12 minutes

Another storyline filmed in two episodes. ‘Sarah Stern’ and ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford.’ Amelia returns from riding Sarah’s horse. She enters the set in full riding gear, and the camera follows her bottom in tight perfect jodphurs. Sarah is upset that Amelia has been using the riding crop on her horse, and she will show her what it feels like.

A lot of talk here between the two ladies and finally Amelia is taken OTK. Sarah convinces Amelia to take her breeches down herself. Conventional spanking on panties.

‘The Crop’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) The second part. Sarah will now employ the crop. Once more, a lot of talk. “Where are you going with this,” Amelia wants to know, not in a position to negotiate. “Where do you think I am going with this?”

Amelia finally bends over for the crop, a palm-tipped implement, on her breeches. Sarah helps Amelia to lower the breeches–no panties. Bend-over, nice exposure, not always our good fortune. We continue to marvel at an actress who can pull off these poses, impossible to fake.