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Painful Promotion – CALSTAR

27 Jul

M/3f; time: 50 minutes

Sophie Fennington’s second film, discussed and excerpted in her 1994 ‘Interview’ tape, and featuring her husband ‘Christian Fennington’ and two other girls, both of whom will appear in a few more films. The three girls are dressed in evening gowns, jewelry, and makeup. They play models who want to be considered for commercials Fennington is casting for.

This is the CP version of the casting couch. Sophie narrates: she and her two friends have agreed to a little “kink” from the boss. Sophie explains that he is going to “spank our bare bottoms,” and Christian shows her two nervous friends a copy of JANUS #32.

Two girls in tops with a ‘TALLION VIDEOS’ logo, panties, and garter belts, employees of the producer we guess,  will move among the spanking scenes and serve wine. Sophie said in  her Interview that one of the girls had too much to drink and had to be removed. We didn’t see it. Christian wants to begin. “Who’s first?”

A glamorous brunette goes OTK. Christian works up her evening dress to expose black panties. “Oh, I hope this is going to be worth it,” she says. Christian: “You know this is going to be a weekly arrangement, don’t you?” “Yes, I do realize that.” Moderate handspanking. Slightly excessive ‘ow’s,’ ‘ooh’s,’ and ‘ah’s.’ “Are you all right down there?” Christian wants to know. “Yes, I’m still alive.” After all, this spanking is meant as recreation, not punishment. Christian takes her panties down. Sophie holds her still.

“Who’s coming next?” (We are fairly sure he didn’t mean exactly that)  Tall blonde ‘Fiona’ wears a teal silk gown. OTK, Christian finds a pair of minimal black string bikini panties. He bunches the panties, then  pulls them down, one of his career specialties. The girls pass the JANUS  magazine around as the spanking progresses. 

Sophie is next. She wears a long white knit dress, which shows every curve. Chistian sighs at the sight. When she kneels to go OTK, he runs a hand up her legs under the dress. “You’ve got no knickers on under there.” “I know. I can’t wear them with this dress.” OTK, dress up. Our first look at Sophie’s beautiful red bottom. Tight, small, perfect, naughty. Gorgeous facials.

The three girls kneel on the floor, elbows on the couch. Christian  pulls the other girls’  panties down, enthralled. “This is what I like, obedient women.” He manipulates, fondles the three  bare bottoms, adding some hand spanks and the slipper.  He assists  Sophie to  lie bare across the backs of the kneeling girls. Sweet frontal flashes. Pile of flesh. More spanking. 

The girls are back on their feet, reorganized, smoking, and drinking. Cane time from the kinkster. Fiona lies on the couch. “Are you going to pull her knickers down?” Just three strokes, and Fiona looks surprised and alarmed.

Sophie herself spanks her brunette friend OTK. Christian is not impressed. “I don’t know if this girl really wants this commercial or not.”

Some slippering, then Sophie’s turn for the cane. Over the couch, dress up, 6 strokes on the bare, as usual, not a sound from her, another testimony to the high pain threshold she was proud of. Everybody wants to feel her bottom.  The girls move to the fireplace, gotta have a mantelpiece in these films. Frequent visits to the wine throughout the film. Facing us, Sophie pulls her knit dress over her head. Naked. One of the best moments in all her films. A few more cane strokes for Sophie–she can take it harder, she says. She wants that job.

Fiona takes off her dress,  not quite as eager as Sophie to get naked.  “Cane or crop?” Sophie pulls down her bikini panties and Fennington  canes her.

The brunette selects the crop and takes off her dress. Sophie does the panties. Three bare bottoms into the frisk position at the fireplace. Long creaming scene and bare bottom display. We’d guess all the girls got hired.

Veronica Takes The Rap – CALSTAR

27 Jul

M/f; time:  27 minutes

We have been reviewing spanking films for over  20 years, our preference for vintage, with storylines, some bit of acting, length, and mostly British. By reading a lot of wiki-type information, we know that ‘Sophie Fennington’ was the early queen of British CP. We had reviewed almost all of her films, and her 1994 ‘Interview’ film helps to cover her career. We have now found the first two films she made, thanks to a collector who must share our tastes.

This film may have been titled ‘The Errant Schoolgirl’  at one time, and might  have been made in the early 1980’s, a TALLION release. It features Sophie as a schoolgirl/waif, the disciplinarian will be her husband ‘Christian Fennington,’ and according to various sources, the director is the inveterate spanko/pervert ‘Michael Dawes.’ Dawes made many British spanking films, probably more than anyone else, most of which were distributed by CALSTAR. Those films document his perverse fascination with every essence of corporal punishment and the female bottom. The production quality here is primitive. It should be forgiven. The naughtiness is top drawer. We pay a lot of attention to this progenitor. 

Sophie narrates here. ‘Mr. Whittaker’ is going to punish her for failing to exercise. A friend of hers was spanked by him. She has learned he is ‘kinky’ and likes to fondle his girls. In fact, Christian Fennington in real life does just that in many films he made, director Dawes encourages it, and Sophie herself complained about husband Christian’s wandering hands with other girls in her Interview.

Veronica is deadly cute here, looking about 19. Long dark blond hair, two ponytails, white blouse, skirt, and a slightly disheveled look which maximizes her vulnerability.

Christian starts her off with some PT, always a favorite with CP fans. Star jumps and touch-toes. Christian wants Veronica to strip to just panties, which she does, displaying some of the innocently erotic acting seen in all her films. She is very much the schoolgirl, standing there in just full blue knickers, so young, and almost undernourished. More exercises.

She’s getting nervous, we like the direction this film is heading. She sucks the tip of a ponytail.

The spanking begins, for some offenses–smoking, and sneaking out to the cinema. OTK for a hairbrush, not hard, not yet. [traffic noises, always a problem for CP producers.

‘Fetch the cane,’ this for going to the cinema. First, some palm slaps, then 7 strokes on her knickers. “Stop sniveling.” More star jumps. OTK again, more exercise, and 6 more from the cane.

Hands on head at the wall, Whittaker pulls down her panties himself. Standing for the hairbrush again; frontal glimpses. No one was shaving in this era. Nude exercises. Whittaker retrieves and flourishes her panties on the tip of his cane.

And some Dawes mastery–naked Veronica does some leg lifts lying on her side on the floor. Lovely glimpses between her legs. More caning when she stands, then Whittaker spreads cold cream, slowly. Long frontal shots. Slow sexy dressing.

Ms. Fennington has touched all the classic CP ritual in this her first film.

Reform School Discipline – ROUE

27 Jul

2M/3f; time:  51 minutes

This may be the most simplistic and perfect British schoolgirl corporal discipline video we have seen. It has been difficult to find, possibly because its stark realism  makes it uninteresting in comparison to high velocity CP films these days. The spanking ritual and ageplay are exquisite. We read somewhere a spanko undertook remastering it.

The setting is a barren classroom, institutionally painted, industrial check-pattern floor tile, a few pieces of furniture, more like the classrooms we remember than those of FIRMHAND or REDSTRIPE. We’re not in that situation where furniture was pushed aside  to make a set. An average-looking brunette, ‘Susan,’ not a bubble-butt CP  model, wearing perfect school kit, reports to  a smarmy ageplay guy who should be past retirement age. She and a confederate are accused of something and will be punished for it. She is sent away, to return later.

The old man looks at the punishment book  and observes that Susan is really not a bad girl. He checks a cabinet for the spanking implements. He tries to appear weary and burdened by all this, but this must be a principal reason he waived retirement. ‘Betty,’ the confederate, knocks and enters, another perfect little schoolgirl. After a scolding, she hears “12 strokes of the strap,” and she has been here before.

She moves slowly and kneels up on a chair. She tucks her own dress up and the teacher pulls her panties down, and he doesn’t hurry. He lays on 6 strap strokes from each side. Not hard, but good ritualistic fuss. Nice facials, closeups, and surprising marks.


Susan returns for the evening session. She has been at this (reform) school for three months and knows what to do. It is made clear, it will be the cane. He makes her say the word. She objects just briefly when she is ordered to remove her jumper and knickers. To clear the table, the teacher sends her out of the room with a floral display. Surely the director noticed too late that if her blouse had been an inch of two shorter, we would have enjoyed her walk. But the diversion produces tension, because the cane awaits.

The teacher adjusts the table, a demonic device whose specifications must have  puzzled the carpenter. He drops a large center leaf, which produces a ramp for Susan to lie over, her bottom highest. She will receive 18 strokes of the cane. The strokes are harder than the earlier strapping,  and the teacher, a practiced caner, is careful to move from side to side. Desperate gripping hands, facials, tears. Noticable marks and some skin pops. Betty is brought back to witness the final few strokes. She had better not avert her eyes, and must keep her arms at her sides. She has been required to strip to just regulation knickers. Very submissive and humiliating.

The second half of the film features the pervy ‘Alan Bell,’ with a ‘Miss Quail,’ in the same classroom. She is already over the leaf of the table, bare bottom, being caned, slowly and teasingly, her white panties perfect at her thighs. Bell was as lecherous an ageplay player as ROUE would ever need. He has her stand and raise her skirt for his frontal look and a twirl.

Betty is called back and is spanked and tormented while she positions herself in a square marked on the floor. She too must show him her jewels.

More OTK spanking. The antique chair squeaks. Bell wants her to take her clothes off, he does this often. She stops at her gymslip. He torments and teases her in various positions. strapping, spanking, and making her raise her slip up to expose herself. Old fashioned ageplay stuff in  the ROUE mold, delivered from a guy who can get away with it and taken by a girl with no options.

Soul of Honour – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

25 Jul

M/3f; year: 2004; time: 1 hr 15 minutes

The two ‘Erhlich’ girls, ‘Paulina’ and ‘Kristina,’ crochet with their mother. The maid ‘Dora’ is informed that ‘Counsellor Erhlich’ is due home. She is dejected, because the counsellor is the terror of the house, and there are three tender bottoms here to testify.

When the counsellor arrives, he puts on his lounge jacket and checks for dust, already on the prowl for some action. Everyone shrinks from him. The girls have been failing school courses and hiding warning notices. They discuss what to do, knowing that showing fear just heightens their father’s perversion.

Erhlich calls for Dora and makes her unbutton the top of her uniform, then bend over and let him check her bottom. No bloomers? His wife enters later and objects to his treatment of the maid. Is she beyond his interest? She is, he complains about her aging, and admits he likes the young stuff.

He has caught his daughters lying about something, so he marches them to a dark, dank, cavernous, and dusty basement, makes them strip off their nightgowns, and leaves them to shiver away the night on the concrete floor. Probably better than a whipping.

Erhlich runs into his friend the headmaster (Pavel Stastny) and learns of the girls’ deceit.

While taking a bath with the assistance of Dora, Kristina tells her of the letters they have kept from their father. Dora will bring a fluid which erases words, but when they try it in the girls’ bedroom, holes are burned in the paper.

Back home, Erhlich selects his cane, displays it on the hassock, and calls Dora to bring his daughters. They confess what they have done, and unwittingly implicate Dora. A long scold, the mother is chased away, the girls must grovel. They have challenged his honour and good name.

“Go to the bathroom, take off your clothes, and prepare for punishment.” After 51 minutes of this and LUPUS’ attempt at conventional movie making, we are ready for the action advertised. The girls report to Erhlich in just their slips.

Paulina must go first. She takes a practiced household posture we haven’t seen before. Slip off, naked, she straddles the hassock and leans forward so that her head and elbows reach the floor. This places her bottom high and her thighs wide apart. Total vulnerability. Erhlich gives her a ferocious LUPUS-style caning, terrible emphasis on the far buttock, thigh and flank. This position puts so much flesh in play the stripes are far longer. He should have alternated sides. Kristina shivers in fear as a spectator, then gets the same.

Ehrlich goes to the bathroom, where Dora has been told to wait. She strips naked, he helps, and she gets her caning  leaning into the tub. Blood spatters. A bit too much for us, we have to confess.



25 Jul

MF/f; time: 34 minutes

The films in this series with ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ are all in the same format. Shot in one room or another, Amelia is approached and spanked for one thing or another. Here, she has been caught working as a stripper in a nightclub while claiming unemployment benefits.

‘Sarah Stern’  and a man arrive at her apartment, where she is accused of the fraud. “What are you doing here?” she says to the man, who she recognizes from the club and must have offered some professional favor to him. He is a benefits investigator. Amelia knows this is going to be trouble.

“There will be a court date for you.” Amelia begins to look for alternatives. Sarah is quick to take paddles out of her briefcase. “What are those?” The male inspector says that since she is willing to be handled at the club, she won’t mind what is going to happen. “Naughty girls get spanked.”

Sarah pats her lap and tells Amelia to take her dress off. “I didn’t expect it to be now.” She opens her dress and shrugs it off, displaying pink undies. OTK, panties down. She doesn’t want the man to stay, but that won’t happen. “You’re not in the club now, darling.” The guy positions himself at Amelia’s feet for the best possible vantage. As Sarah spanks, they chat.
They switch places, the man will spank and Amelia is not too pleased by that. He uses a strap. Amelia must stand and face them. She tries to cover up. Both of them paddle and strap her in various positions. They taunt her as they spank, at one point gagging her with her panties. Some frontals as she moves around before they leave.

The elapsed time on the wall clock is about the same as the length of the video.

Zoe’s Birthday – SPANKEDCHEEKS

20 Jul

F/f; time: 27 minutes

Zoe Page and ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ are flatmates, and maybe a little more. Amelia has forgotten Zoe’s birthday, which seems to be a problem around here. Amelia has just returned from a long gym workout. “You care more about your body than me….I’m going to give you a different kind of workout now.” Zoe is a big-haired brunette.

In their dressing room, Zoe maneuvers Amelia into an OTK position.  Amelia seems unaware of what is happening. “What are you doing?” Amelia declares that she has heard from other girls about problems Zoe has had with her partners. Zoe gets Amelia’s gym pants and panties down. Her bare bottom will be on-screen for the rest of the film.

Frontals from Amelia as they change positions. Hands-on-head, a standing spanking. Frisk position at the closet for a ping pong bat. a Spencer strap, and another strap. They’ve got the tools in this flat. Amelia bends to touch the floor with her palms. She does go to the gym! Long, uneventful stuff here, except for Ms. Rutherford as always.

Au Pair Trouble – Aleesha Fox – FIRMHAND

20 Jul

Another serial film from FIRMHAND, dated 2012, featuring Aleesha Fox, Amelia Jane Rutherford, and Earl Grey.

(A) (MF/f; year: 2012; time: 8 minutes) Earl Grey and Amelia Jane Rutherford portray a married couple, the ‘Partridge’s,’ demanding and strict, trying to employ and keep an aupair girl. Aleesha Fox is being interviewed. Amelia explains the cleaning regimen, detailed and repetitive in the opinion of Aleesha. Amelia tells Aleesha, “You get spanked if your fail.” Aleesha is not surprised to hear that they have lost 3 aupairs recently.

Amelia doesn’t like Aleesha’s reactions and will take her OTK now to show her the routine. “Shoosh!” to her protests. Amelia, developing as a Top at this point in her career, spanks hard enough. Aleesha squawks when her jeans come down and even louder when the knickers follow. “What are you doing?” Amelia doesn’t feel she is spanking hard enough to make an impression. “Does it feel humiliating….painful?” Aleesha gasps a yes. “Do you want the job?”

The doorbell rings, Amelia will let husband ‘Earl Grey’ in. Guess he forgot his keys. She makes Aleesha kneel hands and knees on the bed, bare-bottom, and wait. Grey enters the room and can hardly conceal his delight at what he sees. “I will finish the job, as usual.” Amelia is a good 6″ taller than Grey. After more spanking, which Aleesha may be now enjoying, “You’re engaged.”

We can see that spanking the female help is part of the Partridge foreplay, and we suspect that little comments from Grey portend that Amelia herself will be turning up hr bottom.

(B)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) It takes the tiniest thing to get spanked. Aleesha knocks over some books as she tidies in the kitchen. Amelia is furious about it, calls upstairs to Grey to come and spank her. He then takes Aleesha OTK in the kitchen. She hasn’t figured out yet Grey’s fascination with this spanking thing.

Skirt up, white panties. Amelia can hear the action.

(C) (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Aleesha is working as an aupair for ‘Earl Grey’ and straightening the house. It is amusing to note she is at least 6″ taller than he is. At his direction, she positions a chair “across the arch,” what they call the traditional mantel over the fireplace, the spot to position a bottom in any British CP film.

He doesn’t like her “surly look.” “I’m going to take it out on your bottom.” And he will use the hairbrush.

(D) (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Aleesha is caught looking at a magazine when she should be cleaning. “You haven’t been doing and dusting or Hoovering.” Grey has her remove a large carpet beater, hanging on the wall as decoration.

Aleesha bends over a table, retaining her pink panties for this segment. The rattan beater covers most of her bottom. Slow motion repeats fill this longer segment.

(E) (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Aleesha is scratching the surface of the kitchen counters by using the wrong side of the sponge. Amelia, always fashionable, here in black top and rose satin skirt, is furious.

Aleesha will bend over the stove and Earl Grey will spank her with a wood kitchen spoon. Amelia looks on with amusement and surely some excitement. Grey whacks on her pantied bottom. “Like this?…about this level?” Amelia wants it harder, so down come the panties. More hard smacks. “More like it?” “Quite right.”

“Aah, quite pink,” observes Grey.

(F)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) Aleesha failed to pick up a package at the post office containing new shoes Amelia must have now. Aleesha claims she wasn’t told and wonders why all those shoes upstairs aren’t enough. Grey points out she doesn’t know Amelia like he does. Another spanking.

She lies flat on a couch, jeans come down. Grey uses a large tawse. Black panties come down after 10 strokes. Amelia calls from upstairs, “Do it hard.”

(G)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Grey catches Aleesha in the shower, the owner’s shower. Her grabs her out, she manages to get a towel around her, and he sits on the toilet to begin an OTK spanking. He gets the towel out of the way. He reaches for a nearby bath brush. Despite this spanking, they keep their voices muffled in the house. It’s one thing for her to be in their shower, but another for him to be spanking his naked aupair. But there is something going on.

(H) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) The parties in this household are by now quite accustomed to corporal punishment. Aleesha waits on her bed, in just a slip, for Earl Grey. She has been caught parading around naked in the bathroom (why not, we wonder) and will be punished for it.

“Mrs. Partridge is downstairs,” says Grey, suggesting what is about to happen may not be exactly approved. Grey will cane her and asks her how many strokes she thinks are appropriate. “You’re the boss, aren’t you?” She is liking all this, especially the attentions from Grey.

He begins with the cane on her panties. The first 6 on her panties. “Better have these down.” 12 more. He has her lie flat on the bed, bare bottom, he takes off his belt and continues the whipping.

Amelia interrupts. “What is the meaning of this salacious display?” Amelia may be a little disturbed by how far Grey has taken Aleesha,or she wants to join in. There is a teaser: “I’ll be back.”

(J) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Amelia returns to the previous spanking session. “I’m glad I ordered on the these…an Amerian paddle…for punishing repeat offenders…12 are recommended.” It is a long and thin wood paddle. close to 3′ in length, about 4″wide, not the conventional fraternity paddle. And she cheerfully notes it is long enough to cover both buttocks.

Earl Grey will do the paddling; Amelia sits on the bed in a position where she can enjoy Aleesha’s discomfort and they can make eye contact. “Count them aloud,” says Earl.

Short snappy strokes, which work just fine with this paddle. The first three on the panties. Amelia instructs Aleesha to lower her knickers herself, four more on the bare. Amelia is impatient the strokes are not hard enough, so Earl adds the last four more forcefully. She sees what we see—Aleesha and Earl are deriving more and more pleasure from these ministrations.

(K) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) The finale of the series, which has been directed by Amelia Jane Rutherford herself, for FIRMHAND.

Aleesha waits for Earl Grey again, even more seductive in just bra, panties, and stockings. Earl is going to ‘punish’ her again, but for what this time? “We’ll have to think of something.” Earl reminds her of some of the domestic infractions dealt with in this series, not the least of which her naked cavorting (She didn’t do enough of that for us.)

Earl has a cane; Aleesha bends over, and he takes down her knickers. “Now that Mrs. P. is gone….” Apparently ‘Mrs. Partridge’ has moved out, and now his coast is clear for Aleesha.

He begins caning, moderately, and is pleased with the “impressions” he is making. “Yes, sir, and even more with my bare bottom.” “I love it when you cane me, sir.'” Ah, the CP fetish words.

Earl steps away and returns with a belt, his particularly favorite implement, the symbol of his power. Aleesha lies flat on the bed, giggling a bit, he belts her a few times, they embrace.


19 Jul

F/f; time: 24 minutes

‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘Sarah Stern,’ as ‘Nina,’ are flatmates. We’re not sure what their relationship is portrayed to be, just who has the strap-on in her dresser. These things usually don’t get worked out in CP films.

Amelia has embarrassed Nina in front of her friends and is going to get a spanking for it. Nina gets spanking implements out of her closet. Amelia has been wanting to sleep in certain bed in the flat, alone, we can’t say. “If you hit me with that, are you going to let me sleep in that bed?”

Nina taunts her, telling Amelia she is going to turn her bottom the color of the surface of the ping pong bat. Nina starts her OTK on a taller chair, a good idea for the statuesque Ms. Rutherford, because it elevates her bottom all the more. Handspanking on black panties.

Frisk position at the wall for a light strap. Panties down, frontals from Amelia.

End of Term-Belinda Lawson – FIRMHAND

19 Jul

A series with Richard Anderson and Belinda Lawson. She plays a student who has failed exams and must attend summer school. She boards with Anderson, who takes it upon himself to cancel his own summer plans and turn his attention to Belinda. He’ll find some reward. The segments are a continuing tribute to Ms. Lawson’s body, face, and acting. Mild stuff, but she is glorious.

(A)(M/f; year: 2012; time: 8 minutes) After a brief argument over why Belinda failed courses and Anderson’s insistence he tend to her over the summer session, it is time to get started.

Anderson tells her she needs a “painful experience,” in fact, “a short sharp shock.” Every British girl knows what this means. “What are you going to do, spank me?” OTK, jeans down, blue lace panties down, a great start for surely one of the great bottoms in all CP.

(B)(M/f; time: 7  minutes) Belinda is having a tantrum and slamming doors in Anderson’s boarding house, where she resides for summer school. “It’s my boarding house. I’m the master.” She slams a door again, just asking for it. OTK, bare bottom for a long spanking. They take breaks with dialogue. “This is outrageous.” Not from our seat.

Anderson suggests: “By the time we are finished this summer…” We shall see.

(C) (M/f; time 6 minutes) Belinda is sleeping nude, something this actress will do in other FH series. Anderson doesn’t have any scruples about bursting in and waking her up. “Is this another attitude thing?” she wants to know. OTK, she is not actually naked, despite the graphic. She wears little shorts, which soon come down, more fun than being naked.

(D)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) Belinda is being lazy about her schoolwork, eating, lolling about, again, begging for attention in the bottom department. Anderson catches her on her cell phone after putting her to the books. “Lift your skirt and take your pants down, please.” Anderson uses a double strap, which he waves in her face first. It makes a loud slapping noise. She must study her book while he straps. Bruising beginning.

(E) (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Belinda prowls in the kitchen and helps herself to the “chocky box.” (candy) “This is about failing to communicate,” says Anderson, recalling the line from the Paul Newman film “Cool Hand Luke,” except here she won’t go to the ‘cooler,’ her pants will come down. Over a kitchen counter, white lace panties, kitchen stirrer. Her bottom is starting to show the segments

(F) Belinda studies a book; Anderson calls, she hides under a table. He finds her–she is reading some trash, when she is supposed to be outside doing cross country. Now it is time for the cane.

Anderson gets the “house cane.” She bends over and touches toes. She can actually put her palms on the floor. “Take your pants down, please.”  Belinda’s bottom is fully engulfed with the  kind of mottled discoloring she specializes in and which reflects the filming of the 5 previous segments here in close succession. If Belinda’s bottom looked like that over a summer session–well, it’s impossible. She counts out 12 strokes.

(G) (F/f; year:2012; time: 5 minutes) Amelia Jane Rutherford suddenly appears in this series; we must have missed how. Ms. Amelia must be glad at this point in her career that she is not always the Bottom in so many films.  Amelia jumps Belinda for sloppy dress and for chewing gum at a religious service.

She’s got an American paddle. “American brat…12 ‘swats’ like in American schools,” she announces. The paddling is on Belinda’s jeans, moderate, 12 counted aloud. Amelia orders Belinda to strip naked, to get rid of the offending clothes. Belinda does so, posing in the process in front of full mirrors, lest we miss anything. Amelia herself whisks off her panties. There will be very few times in Ms. Rutherford’s career where she plays Top.

(H) (F/f; year: 2012; time: 9 minutes) Belinda is stark naked in the bathroom, a leisurely shot of her estimable boobs. Amelia barges in with a letter Belinda has written to her father, claiming her bottom is black and blue from the spankings she is getting at the school.

‘Miss Gibson’ knows these are all lies. Gibson rips off the towel Belinda had grabbed and turns her bottom to the camera. It looks red and sore but not bruised. So Gibson will accomplish the goal and make it black and blue. She sits on the edge of the tub, takes Belinda OTK, and spanks hard with her hand and even harder with a large bath brush. A lot of typical chatter, a solid punishment–Ms. Rutherford’s second career as a Top flourishes.

(J) (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Amelia scolds Belinda about lazy schoolwork; Belinda seems amused, mostly about Amelia’s rather excessive melodrama. Because Belinda has been lacking in attention, “I’m going to give you some attention.” “You’re not going to spank my bottom again, are you, Miss?” Amelia wears a flower-print flaired dress and a wide black belt, fashionable as always.

Belinda is ordered to the middle of the room. “Bend over.” Gibson takes her panties down. They don’t mess this moment up at FIRMHAND. Gibson uses a large leather paddle, very hard, and it stings from the first. Facials.

Gibson places her at the mantel. skirt up, panties down, and leaves her. Belinda rubs and moths to the camera, “Oh, my God!” with a trace of a pleasurable smile on her face.

(K) (F/f; year:2012; time: 7 minutes) The finale of the series; Belinda has completed her school term in Amelia Jane Rutherford’s house, the visit an acknowledged disaster by all accounts. Amelia has spoken with Belinda’s father.

Natty Ms. Rutherford in rose blazer, frilly high-necked blouse, and perfect short white skirt.

“Are you packed?” “Yes, Miss.” About the new term next year, ” We’re going to be sure…one more punishment..go over to the fireplace, pull your jeans and panties down.” Submissively, Belinda hangs her head as she has done so well. “Shuffle back…feet apart…bend right over.”

Belinda’s bare bottom looks a bit shiny and mottled. suggesting the practical aspects of filming a series of short sequences, all with the same purpose. Amelia wields a fraternity paddle and Belinda counts out 12 smacks. Glassy eyes. “See you next year.”

Amelia Jane Rutherford – Interview – FIRMHAND

19 Jul

F; time: 10 minutes

An entertainingly instructive conversation with Amelia Jane Rutherford about her spanking model career, to be added to knowledge of her we’ve found elsewhere, in print, and specifically a REALSPANKINGS  format ‘interview’ and spanking. Amelia sits, knees up, hugging a cup of tea.

She has just completed a series, the “Amelia Jane Rutherford Collection,” a/k/a ‘Haughty Ballerina,” where she plays a difficult lead dancer and gets spanked by her director-boss. ‘Samantha Woodley directed.

She claims spanking was still new to her here in 2006 and that the pain was greater than she anticipated, so she didn’t have to act. She discusses the single-day filming process, where the implements intensify and the bruises aggregate.

She’ll make you shiver a bit when she discusses the wood paddle, and “the cane feels like fire.” Being nude in front of crew and helplessly submissive for spanking are different than nude modelling.

In her second series at FH, where she plays a diva actress, she developed some of the plot ideas.

She discusses the creation of the stage name ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford.’

And a few words about Dallas at DALLASSPANKSHARD. He is a hard spanker, and “he made me cry,” but the variety of implements at FIRMHAND make it worse.